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Recent articles by Andrew:

Red-Green Twitterstorm to America: Burn, Baby, Burn (Part Four)

“The racist and brutal tactics used by Israeli military and US cops are purposefully one and the same,” the Democratic Socialists of America outrageously tweeted on May 26 at the start of the current global Black Lives Matter (BLM) upheaval. This exemplifies on social media the previously-analyzed blood libel that Israeli training encourages American police... → Read More

The Deadly Exchange Blood Libel

Israeli officials brought to the United States by American police departments “teach them how to murder the blacks,” stated the anti-Semitic Pink Floyd band founder Roger Waters in an unhinged June 20 Hamas television interview. He further demonstrates that, in the current global Black Lives Matter (BLM) upheaval, an interrelated Islamist-Leftist alliance on social media... → Read More

Red-Green Twitterstorm to America: Burn, Baby, Burn (Part Three)

Islam’s prophet Muhammad “unequivocally condemned racism & actively dismantled systems of oppression based on race/ethnicity…1,388 years ago,” Rice University professor Craig Considine recently tweeted. Such glorification of Islam is of a piece with the leftist-Islamist falsehoods about an inherently rotten America that are motivating the current urban upheaval. Considine has repeatedly… → Read More

Red-Green Twitterstorm to America: Burn, Baby, Burn (Part Two)

As previously discussed, America’s recent civic convulsions following the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd has demonstrated the unifying hatred of America and its allies like Israel by Leftists and Islamists. Their copious, ideologically warped tweeting on these events provides revealing insight into the dark views of individuals prominent in academia and politics. Some tweets... → Read More

Red-Green Twitterstorm to America: Burn, Baby, Burn (Part One)

“Drop kick that tear-gas canister, sister,” tweeted on May 28 Imraan Siddiqi, executive director of the Hamas-derived Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Arizona chapter. This encouragement to a veiled Muslim woman captured on video in the act of kicking a teargas projectile back at riot-controlling police indicated the inflammatory online Leftist-Islamist response to America’s… → Read More

Ahlam Tamimi’s Middle East Terror Morality Tale (Part Four)

Ahlam Tamimi, a Hamas terrorist currently living in Jordan whom we discussed in the first three sections of this study, has been dubbed the “most wanted woman in the world” due to a $5 million FBI reward on her head. Nonetheless, Jordanian refusals to extradite for trial in the United States a woman who enjoys... → Read More

Ahlam Tamimi’s Middle East Terror Morality Tale (Part Three)

Jordan’s terrorist icon, Ahlam Tamimi, should face justice in the United States, yet the “bitter truth is that everyone in Washington, Jerusalem and Amman knows it’s not likely to happen,” commentator Jonathan Tobin has accurately noted. Tamimi, the infamous mastermind of Jerusalem’s notorious 2001 Sbarro pizzeria Hamas suicide bombing, starkly illuminates the dark realities of... → Read More

Ahlam Tamimi’s Middle East Terror Morality Tale (Part Two)

The previously discussed Hamas terrorist Ahlam Tamimi “has evolved into a pan-Arab media celebrity and a respected mainstream figure in Jordanian society.” Thus marveled Arnold Roth, the father of one of Tamimi’s murdered victims. Her fame as a Jordanian “national treasure,” after a 2011 Hamas-Israel prisoner exchange freed her from a lifetime behind bars, provides... → Read More

Ahlam Tamimi’s Middle East Terror Morality Tale (Part One)

The “Savage of Sbarro,” as the Legal Insurrection website calls Hamas terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, is the subject of a recently renewed effort to extradite her from Jordan for trial in the United States. As this article series will explore, the political issues surrounding this infamous woman’s life in Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories highlight... → Read More

Scottsdale Community College Submits to Sharia

In a May 1 online statement, Scottsdale Community College (SCC) President Christina M. Haines condemned a World Politics course’s module on Islamic terrorism and announced that the offending professor would apologize. This statement and SCC’s demands for a wider purge of the course materials presented a shocking example of politically correct academic thought police enforcing... → Read More

1915’s “Year of the Sword” and Beyond

April 24 marked the 105th anniversary of the 1915 Ottoman Empire’s deportation of 200 Armenian intellectuals from the Ottoman capital of Istanbul, an event that is remembered as the start of the Armenian genocide. Fitting reflections for this time come from Sister Hatune Dogan, a Syriac Orthodox Christian nun from Turkey, who has written about... → Read More

Kurds Attempt to Return to a Zoroastrian Future

A “growing number of Kurds…are leaving Islam to embrace the faith of their ancestors—Zoroastrianism,” reported Agence France Presse (AFP) in 2019, a development similar to that of many neighboring Iranians. These Kurds have experienced in Islam only oppression and have turned to the ancient Zoroastrian faith as a belief alternative, thereby continuing a longstanding Kurdish... → Read More

As the Islamic Republic Fails, Renewed Interest in Zoroastrianism, Iran’s Ancient Faith

“Over the past few decades, Iran has seen a revival in the native religion that predates Islam—something that the ayatollahs desperately want to suppress,” the Israel Project’s Zenobia Ravji stated in 2016. Iran’s modern Islamic Republic has continued the historic antagonism of Iran’s various Islamic rulers towards Zoroastrianism, whose often illustrious past began some 3,500... → Read More

The Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Hoax

Former Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) “staffers have admitted that the hate accusations leveled by the SPLC are a ‘con,’ a deceptive scheme to raise money,” writes PJ Media Senior Editor Tyler O’Neil. In his new book, Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center, O’Neil shreds the SPLC's claims to be... → Read More

New Book Exposes American Ingrate Ilhan Omar

“Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has lived the American dream,” but in her telling “America has always been a nightmare…conceived in sin, built on oppression and bigotry.” So writes conservative commentator Benjamin Weingarten in his new book, American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party, an incisive exposé of this dangerous,... → Read More

Rashid Khalidi Twists History to Delegitimize Israel

Modern Zionism “is a self-described colonial-settler project,” stated Columbia University Rashid Khalidi on last month at Washington, DC’s Politics and Prose bookstore before a standing-room-only audience of about 120. This Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies distorted history to delegitimize Jewish self-determination in Israel upon the basis of his latest book, The Hundred Years'... → Read More

J Street Event Slams Israel

“One people is dominating another, this is the essence of the problem” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, claimed Israeli Jew Rami Elhanan, co-general manager of Israel’s fringe Parents Circle—Families Forum (PCFF), on March 6 in Washington, DC. He addressed about 30 largely like-minded listeners in the shared offices of the New Israel Fund (NIF) and Americans... → Read More

Georgetown University’s Fake Islamic Pluralism

“The case for pluralism should be relatively easy to make in an Islamic context,” stated Indiana University Professor Asma Afsaruddin on March 5 at Georgetown University’s Copley Formal Lounge. She and other panelists made such unconvincing claims concerning Islam and pluralism during an event hosted by Georgetown’s Saudi-established Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian... → Read More

Christ Subverts Iran’s Islamic Republic

“Christianity is considered an existential threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran,” wrote February 7 the Christian religious freedom advocates Arielle Del Turco and Lela Gilbert. This statement indicates the extreme measures Iran’s theocratic Islamic Republic is willing to implement in order to repress alternative belief systems such as Christianity, and the enormous attendant political... → Read More

Iranians are Losing Their Islamic Religion

“Islam is dead,” the “mosques are empty,” and “no one follows Islam inside of Iran,” an unidentified Iranian church leader stated in the 2019 film Sheep Among Wolves Volume II. The film marks a widely observed trend in recent decades of Iranians abandoning the cruel theocratic faith of Iran’s 1979-established Islamic Republic for Christianity. “God... → Read More