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Recent articles by Howard:

Media conservatives split over testimony against Trump, some strongly defending him

The Jan. 6 committee's surprise testimony has shown cracks in conservative media over Trump's actions and future. But the testimony is also raising questions. → Read More

Rising Democratic frustration with Biden on abortion fuels new doubts about 2024

Biden's lack of action after the Supreme Court ruling had many Democrats looking for a new candidate in 2024. Republicans may soon face the same dilemma. → Read More

Roe rage: Why America is angry and the media are outraged over abortion ruling

The Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade on Friday. After a weekend of massive protests and incendiary remarks, the country seems more divided than ever. → Read More

Trump pressured DOJ on election, but panel’s hearing is mainly a rehash

The Jan. 6 panel followed up Tuesday's strong showing by rehashing events that close observers knew. It did not detract from the acts but it was less effective. → Read More

A GOP breakthrough on gun safety, but Dems opposing Biden’s gas-tax pitch

Democrats got their way when 14 Republican Senators voted to advance a gun control bill but Democrats are not backing Biden's federal gas tax proposal. → Read More

How powerful testimony from state Republicans highlighted Trump pressure campaign

The select House committee investigating the January 6 incident at the Capitol heard testimonies from important witnesses from Georgia and Arizona. → Read More

Media issue red flags on a Trump prosecution as most Democrats back charges

As the Jan. 6 hearings continue, Democrats envision trying former President Donald Trump on criminal charges. It may not be as simple as it appears. → Read More

Backlash: Why media are targeting Trump aides’ testimony as civil war breaks out

Donald Trump's inner circle is cooperating with the January 6th committee detailing how they told him there was no evidence for his claims of widespread fraud. → Read More

Some Democrats openly opposing a Biden reelection bid, courtesy of the NY Times

Upon Biden's second inauguration he would be 82 years old and he's starting to get verbal challenges from friendly news outlets as well as his own party. → Read More

'Team Normal' and 'Team Crazy': Who will prevail at Jan. 6 hearings?

The second day of the Jan 6. hearings was better programming by showing taped depositions of Trump's former allies denouncing his election fraud claims. → Read More

Media declare liberal backlash over crime after San Francisco recall

From recall in San Francisco to LA 's Rick Caruso making the runoff against progressive Karen Bass, Dems feel a backlash from their 'soft on crime' policies. → Read More

Russia threatens journalists as America debates the end game in Ukraine

A Russian spokeswoman claimed Russian journalists operating in the U.S. have been met with harassment, blocked bank accounts and threats to their VISA renewal. → Read More

House Democrats chase TV drama, but hearings may fall flat

Despite the Jan. 6th committee's attempt to turn their hearing into a media circus, including veteran TV help, I'm not sure it will smash at the box office. → Read More

Why Biden’s inflation blitz is falling flat after a major miscalculation

President Biden's media campaign around inflation is about to be stymied by his administration's inability to handle the issue. → Read More

Biden, often stymied by aides, pushes gun measures unlikely to pass

Reports state Biden is furious at White House staffers undermining his statements on Putin and baby formula and has reminded his staff that he is the one who was elected. → Read More

Another school shooting stuns the country, with no changes in sight

The larger question for our society after the Texas school shooting is how do we keep producing these hate-filled, violent, unhinged losers, who then have easy access to guns? → Read More

Why the White House contradicts Biden over his stand on Taiwan

Joe Biden is the guy who got elected. The policy is whatever he says it is. Why does he allow unnamed White House aides to contradict him on issues like Taiwan and Russia? → Read More

Kellyanne Conway defends Trump (mostly), rips the media, chides her husband

Unlike the Trump-bashing books she says are filled with “lies” and “deceptions,” Conway insists this is not a belated effort to distance herself from mistakes. → Read More

Disinformation Board sidelined, newspaper blames conservative media

The government’s Disinformation Governance Board: a truly awful idea made worse by the ham-handed attempt to sell it. → Read More

Bezos bashes Biden, Musk signals Twitter deal in trouble

Biden’s targeting of Amazon is no accident. One report says the e-commerce giant has paid a federal tax rate in the last four years of 5.1% on $78 billion in income in the U.S. → Read More