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Recent articles by Howard:

From Neil Cavuto to John King to Colin Powell, the personalizing of the vaccine debate

The vaccine debate has taken a strikingly personal turn, with public figures and high-profile journalists at the center of the national argument, with many of those on opposite sides of the vax wars seizing on each instance to pound home their points. → Read More

The Capitol riot and revisionist history: the battle over the Jan. 6 legacy

Donald Trump sued Congress and the National Archives to block the release of any documents related to January 6th on grounds of executive privilege. A Democratic-led committee argues this is obstructionism and that nothing could be more important than investigating an attack on American democracy. → Read More

Meghan McCain blames hostile ‘View’ colleagues for her exit in emotional memoir

Meghan McCain's forthcoming audio memoir “Bad Republican” traces her evolution from senator’s daughter and party girl to conservative warrior on “The View” to a humiliated panelist who quits the hit show, and serves as a scorching response to those she feels have mistreated her. → Read More

William Shatner’s inspiring spaceflight overshadows exposé of Blue Origin’s culture

It was a brilliant bit of marketing by Jeff Bezos to have William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk himself, on board for yesterday’s second and highly successful Blue Origin spaceflight—and it strategically blocked out Bezos' negative news this week. → Read More

Press suddenly grappling with Biden’s political slide as Democrats grow worried

It’s almost like someone flipped a switch and the press suddenly discovered that Joe Biden is unpopular. Or perhaps it’s that Democrats are increasingly nervous about the fate of the Biden presidency. → Read More

America’s ‘Civil War’: The real virus in our media and political culture

There's ideological warfare in this country that pits liberals and some disaffected Republicans warning that Trumpism is destroying the country against conservatives and Trumpists sounding the alarm that Joe Biden is unfit for office. → Read More

Trump, Pence downplay Jan. 6 Capitol violence in jockeying for 2024

With Joe Biden sliding in the polls, the media are gravitating toward more coverage — and attacks — aimed at Donald Trump and other Republicans eyeing the White House. → Read More

Why Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is drawing flak from the right

What she’s been talking about is how Facebook spreads hateful content and damages teenage girls, among other things, in the name of maximizing profit. She says the buck stops with Mark Zuckerberg and is urging Congress to regulate the company. She hasn’t been mounting an ideological attack. → Read More

Facebook’s anger management: Both parties embrace whistleblower at heated hearing

Things are going so horribly wrong for Facebook that its technological meltdown almost provided a respite—except that it made everyone even angrier. → Read More

Overreach: How Biden’s leftward lurch led to political paralysis

Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the votes on the $1.2-trillion infrastructure bill because the progressives are holding it hostage to get their $3.5-trillion Democratic wish list bill—which was in fact largely written by Bernie Sanders. → Read More

From Katie Couric to Jon Stewart, a media world in transition and turmoil

Some of the biggest names in media are reinventing themselves or resigning, or just plain settling scores—like Katie Couric, Jon Stewart, and Katty Kay, for example. → Read More

Biden’s stumbles might boost a Trump comeback—without election meddling

From the Jan. 6 fallout to voting rights restrictions, from Donald Trump’s pronouncements of a rigged election to the Arizona audit that showed a Biden victory, the question looming over most political coverage is whether the former president could pull off in 2024 what he failed to do this time around. → Read More

Milley advised Biden against Afghan pullout, denies usurping Trump’s authority

At a time when the media have largely moved on from the war--while the Taliban just barred female students from Kabul University--the Senate hearing with Mark Milley cast a much-needed spotlight on the calamitous end to our 20-year war. → Read More

Biden allies hurl party’s worst insult in border crisis: Acting like Trump

The out-of-control border disaster has sparked stinging criticism for the Biden administration from the left and the right, which is a difficult political feat. → Read More

Biden press coverage turns sour as some see a ‘credibility crisis’

President Biden took office with largely sympathetic treatment from the mainstream media, but his long media honeymoon is over now. → Read More

Blame and deflection: Our new national pastime run amok

Our politics now seems once massive and relentless blame game, our fingers growing tired from all the finger-pointing—from Kabul to Covid, the script is much the same. → Read More

Sexual abuse of Olympic athletes: The FBI’s shocking, inexplicable failure

The shocking testimonies of Simon Biles, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, and Maggie Nichols talk and the gut-wrenching sexual abuse they suffered from Larry Nassar changed our understanding of a story we thought we knew. → Read More

Trump, allies attack Milley as Woodward book triggers nuclear reaction

The nuclear fallout over the latest Bob Woodward book, and its disclosures about Gen. Mark Milley, is exposing a fundamental contradiction in political warfare. → Read More

Vaccine mandates are popular, even as Nicki Minaj and others take shots at the shots

Nicki Minaj warned her 22 million followers that the coronavirus vaccine had an adverse effect on her cousin's friend — which drew backlash from media personalities and others. → Read More

Biden’s fortunes fall as some sympathetic conservatives turn on him

President Joe Biden’s low-key style—explicitly marketed as an alternative to the frenetic Trump years—is soothing when things are seen as going well. But when the news cycle overwhelms him, a president who grants few interviews and limits press questions can appear relegated to the sidelines. → Read More