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Recent articles by David:

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In this edition: Every upcoming House primary, the end of Justin Amash's brief presidential campaign and Trump's line of attack. → Read More

Rep. Justin Amash says he won’t run for president

The independent had previously said he’d seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination. → Read More

Never Trumpers will host their own ‘Republican convention’ during the RNC

The Convention on Founding Principles is scheduled to run from Aug. 24 to Aug. 27 in Charlotte, the city hosting this year’s RNC. The Republicans for a New President campaign, the chief organizer of the event, is planning an online component and a backup plan for a virtual convention if the RNC is canceled. Asked about the plans on Friday morning, the president’s campaign brushed them off.… → Read More

The Trailer: Biden invites the left in

In this edition: Biden's offer to the left, good news for Republicans from California, and a good poll for the president that's also a bad poll for the president. → Read More

The Trailer: What today's special elections in California and Wisconsin mean for the parties

In this edition: Special elections in California and Wisconsin, a primary in Nebraska, and fresh pandemic polling. → Read More

The Trailer: I signed up as a Trump supporter, then a Biden supporter. Here's what happened next.

In this edition: Watching 2020 as a super-engaged Trump (and Biden) voter, watching the legal battles over stay-at-home orders, and watching what happens to New York's presidential primary, which may or may not happen. → Read More

The Trailer: A guide to what's in play in the Senate in 2020

In this edition: A guide to Senate elections, an(other) organization forms to help Bernie Sanders win delegates, and the president declares war on a TV ad. → Read More

The Trailer: Justin Amash on why he's not a spoiler, protests and who he voted for in 2016

In this edition: An interview with Justin Amash, a look at election results in three very different states, and a rundown of Joe Biden's difficult week. → Read More

Rep. Justin Amash to seek Libertarian Party nomination for president

It’s unclear if an Amash bid would have a greater effect on Joe Biden or on Presidet Trump → Read More

The Trailer: How the pandemic is affecting a primary challenge in Ohio

In this edition: A pandemic primary in Ohio, outrage at New York's election board, and what it's like to vote when you barely can go outside. → Read More

The Trailer: The three tests for a potential veep

In this edition: A broad look at the Biden veep search, the twisty politics of China-bashing, and some Democratic jitters about a Biden/DNC fundraising deal. → Read More

The Trailer: It's even harder to get on the ballot now

In this edition: The pandemic threat to third parties and ballot measures, the uphill politics of “reopen” protesters, and new polls from the swing states. → Read More

The Trailer: Who's got money

In this edition: The big picture from the new fundraising reports, the Trump campaign wading into a Democratic fight, and how New York may anger Sanders voters who want to support a candidate who's dropped out. → Read More

The Trailer: Biden didn't listen to the left. He won anyway.

In this edition: Bidens wins over Sanders, but not yet the left, while Republicans suffer a loss in Wisconsin. → Read More

The Trailer: The general election has started. Here's where things stand.

In this special holiday edition: How Trump versus Biden compares to other presidential choices, the vote totals from Alaska's primary, and the continuing effort to make the Democratic Party's rules and platform fit for Bernie Sanders. → Read More

The Trailer: Why Bernie Sanders lost

In this edition: The incorrect assumptions by the Sanders campaign, what he is still trying to win, and where the next intra-Democratic primary fights will happen. → Read More

The Trailer: The warning from Wisconsin

In this edition: Wisconsin's election stress test, the tricky post-primary path for Bernie Sanders, and the ads in the state Supreme Court election that brought us here. → Read More

'This is a very new world': Activists forced to adapt as coronavirus brings an end to protests

Nobody knew it at the time, but 3 March, Super Tuesday, would be the last election night when candidates could encourage their supporters to come to rallies. For Joe Biden, that meant a rally in Los Angeles. He had hardly begun to speak when two women rushed the stage, one after the other, screaming, “Let dairy die!” before being dragged away. → Read More

The Trailer: The fear and politics around expanding voting by mail

In this edition: The coming fight over postal voting, election madness in Wisconsin and West Virginia, and the first fight in a little while between the president and his most likely opponent. → Read More

The Trailer: What's missing from down-ballot races

In this edition: How the pandemic is hitting down-ballot candidates, what's happening in the states balancing the crisis against the primary calendar, and how Andrew Cuomo became New York's most popular man. → Read More