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Past articles by Eric:

10 cinematography, composition, and life lessons I learned from watching Dr. Strange

I just watched Dr. Strange – and man, I was blown away. I was blown away with the morals of the movie (the idea of living for something greater than yourself), the visuals (surreal), and the cinematography was fantastic. Studying cinema If you don’t always have the opportunity to go out to make photos, study … → Read More

Why Sharpness is Overrated

“Sharpness is a bourgeois (rich person) concept.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson 1. Softer lenses often have more soul I remember when I started digital photography; the sharper the photo, the better. In reality, a sharper photo is not a better photo. Often, a softer photograph gives you a more pleasing, soft, warm, and emotional aesthetic. For … → Read More

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone is the Best Camera

I want to encourage you — use your smartphone more for your photography. First of all, what is the point of photography? The purpose of photography is to uplift your soul. To make meaning in your life; not photos. Therefore, I believe that shooting with your smartphone is probably your best tool for photography. Why? … → Read More

Why You Should Photograph Your Loved Ones

There is nobody more important to photograph than our loved ones. 1. Why travel to photograph? Why is it that we always try to photograph the exotic? For example, it is more interesting to photograph a villager in some African tribe, than to photograph our partner. It is more interesting to photograph a Parisian couple … → Read More

How not to give a fudge what others think of your photography

I’m the first to admit that in the past, I gave far too many fudge ice cream cones what others thought of me, my photography, and my art. 1. Why do we care so much? First of all, why do we care so much of what others think of us? As human beings, we all … → Read More

30 lessons Leonardo da Vinci has taught me about photography, art, and life

Leonardo da Vinci was the ultimate ‘autodictat’ (someone who taught himself everything). He had no formal schooling, yet he didn’t let that get in his way. He was the world’s keenest observer— he would just look around himself, take notes, and followed his curiosity. He stayed like a child his entire life— never stopping learning, writing … → Read More

Live a Life of Leisure

Dear friend, life is brutally short; live a life of leisure. I don’t mean to say suddenly quit your job, but to enjoy every moment as if it were your last. Imagine you are stranded in a desert and you are dying from thirst. You see a stream of water, but it will only flow [...] → Read More

The Magic of Thinking Big in Photography

You want to be the best photographer you can. You’re constantly trying to educate yourself, improve, and take your photography to the next level. But how can you take your photography to new heights, and stand out from the crowd? The secret is thinking big. If you look at successful individuals outside of photography such … → Read More

50 Things I Try to Avoid in Street Photography

I am a huge proponent of negative learning, that you can learn more by taking on the opposite approach. Philosopher Nassim Taleb calls this “via negativa”. It is the idea that the best way to gain “happiness” in life isn’t chasing what makes us happy, but by vehemently avoiding what makes us unhappy (a long commute to work, a horrible micro-managing boss, poisonous and negative “friends”, and an… → Read More

103 Things I’ve Learned About Street Photography

A good photo asks more questions than provides answers 35mm as a focal length is generally ideal for most street photographers. 28mm is too wide (most people don’t get close enough) and 50mm is too tight. My keeper ratio : one decent shot a month, one shot I am proud of in a year. “When … → Read More

5 Reasons Why Shooting With a Rangefinder Will Make You a Better Street Photographer

When it comes to street photography, I am a huge believer that there is no “best” camera for street photography. Ever different camera has its own strengths and weaknesses, and are all used in different situations. I have shot with many types of cameras, including point and shoots, disposable film cameras, DSLR’s, and even rangefinders. … → Read More

10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer

Let’s face it, starting street photography is no easy task. For the average photographer, going from shooting flowers into shooting people in the streets is like stepping into a Ferrari after driving a Toyota Prius. It is intimidating at first, but quite exhilarating once you try it out. After shooting on the streets for about … → Read More