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Recent articles by Tyler:

The American Left Has An Important Choice To Make

The president and his cult of followers have embraced white nationalism and excused racist tropes being directed at liberal members of Congress. Will that fact and such attacks prevent legitimate criticism of anti-Semitic statements and associations where they exist on the left? → Read More

Hysteria Does Not Generate Good Policy

The suggestion that we should make domestic terrorism a federal crime is not only unnecessary but given the abuses of the past and present, it represents a significant danger to civil liberties. → Read More

We Cannot Arrest Or Prohibit Our Way Out Of An Ideology

The white supremacist ideology has been rising for years, but if we want to fight it effectively, we should take the lessons learned by other communities and organizations. → Read More

The False Demonization Of Secularism

A desperate, panicked, and openly theocratic evangelical movement is falsely demonizing secularism and those who believe in the separation of church and state as a threat to religion. → Read More

How Do We Measure The Influence Of Rhetoric On Action?

It is impossible to deny that speech can cause harm, but direct regulation of harmful physical actions is preferable to indirect regulation of harmful conduct by censoring or criminalizing speech. → Read More

The Misunderstood And Irrelevant Fear Of Socialism

The fear of socialism seems to be a pressing concern for many, and in the name of defeating it, some people appear willing to tolerate disgusting, un-American behavior by the president. → Read More

Twitter Is Not A Public Forum

A recent federal appeals court decision on the issue is devoid of a lot of common sense. → Read More

The Difference Between Bryan Carmody And Julian Assange

In today’s edition of two things can be true at once: 1) the prosecution of Julian Assange is a dangerous assault on freedom of the press, and; 2) Julian Assange is a criminal. → Read More

The Case For Legalizing All Drugs

Ridding society of the immense harms caused by prohibition more than outweighs any negatives that could ever be attributed to legalization. → Read More

The Bladensburg Cross Case Is A National Disgrace

Denying that forced extractions is a form of government coercion is madness enough, but the outright hostility shown by the Court to the objections of non-believers promises great trouble ahead. → Read More

The Supreme Court’s New Rule Ensures Public Trust In Law Enforcement Will Further Erode

The Court’s head-in-the-sand approach to compelling evidence of police misconduct that is increasingly being documented by audio and video recordings is inevitably going to degrade the public’s view of the integrity of the Court and law enforcement. → Read More

The Effort To Turn Free Conscience Liberty Into An Oxymoron

For some religious conservatives and this current administration, free conscience liberty somehow means they can force unwilling others to practice their beliefs. → Read More

The Hypocrisy Of Alabama Is Staggering

What does it say that the state with the strictest abortion law also institutes one of the most cruel, constitutionally violating mass incarceration systems and is among the lowest in education levels? → Read More

Falsehoods In The Media Deserve Criticism, But Also First Amendment Protection

The best response to speech we don’t like is more speech, not threats of lawsuits which are often only available to the wealthiest among us to threaten others into silence. → Read More

A Tale Of Two Invocations

The difference between two invocations delivered to the Pennsylvania legislature, one by a secularist and another by a Christian, illustrates why religion, and not the rise in non-belief, continues to be the greatest threat to religious freedom. → Read More

The Mueller Report Makes Clear The President Committed Crimes And Failed His Oath

Initiating the process of impeachment is warranted given the evidence in the report, but political considerations will logically suggest foregoing such a process in a deeply divided country. → Read More

This Is Not A President Who Values The First Amendment

There are many contemporary threats to First Amendment values, the most alarming being the current president. → Read More

The Peculiar And Destructive Focus Of The Pro-Life Movement

Why is prohibition the main focus of the pro-life movement when it often causes more harm than good and other, better methods exist to achieve their goals? → Read More

The Cognitive Dissonance Surrounding Violence

Violence is not becoming more prevalent in society, only our awareness of tragedy. → Read More

The Right To Die

The law can accommodate the rational choice to end your life, but moral correctness has prevented these rational choices for far too many. → Read More