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Recent articles by Tyler:

Nationalism Seeks To Eradicate The Light Of Reason And The Love Of Liberty

No evidence, or economic motive, justifies restricting immigration to the United States. → Read More

A Religious Bigot In Power Plays The Victim

In a speech where he demonized all those who do not subscribe to his religious 'moral' teachings as the direct cause of all the country’s problems, William Barr also claimed to be the victim. → Read More

How Is This President Not A Socialist?

Having contempt for property rights, imposing the highest tax increase in the post-World War II era, and prioritizing government handouts is a-okay in MAGA world -- and the reason why is as gross as you might imagine. → Read More

Automation, UBI, And The Future Of Human Labor

A brief exchange between candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang regarding the threat automation poses to future human employment deserves more of our attention. → Read More

Originalism Currently Lacks Intellectual Integrity

At its moment of triumph, the judicial philosophy of Constitutional originalism has already become what it claims to oppose. → Read More

Sentencing Reform Serves The Interests Of Victims And Safer Societies

Instead of invoking subjective, unequally applied concepts of 'mercy' within our harsh system of criminal sentencing, victims and society would be better served by simple pragmatism. → Read More

Anti-Establishment Liberty Is Not A Discrimination Against Religion

The issue in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue is being distorted by atextual and ahistorical nondiscrimination principles. → Read More

How The Drug War Corrupts Our Institutions

The evidence has been compelling for decades that the policy of drug prohibition corrupts our institutions into creating more harm rather than mitigating it. → Read More

The Loss Of Civility

It is no coincidence that the same figures who seek to enact gratuitously cruel policies or deny fundamental liberties are always the ones opining about a loss of 'civility.' → Read More

The Principles Of Poverty

The extent to which poverty relates to women possessing control over their own procreation decisions should embolden the removal of institutional barriers to birth control; instead, the exact opposite has occurred. → Read More

Gross Hypocrisy Is No Longer A Political Sin, And Other Reflections On A Year Gone By

It’s Tyler Broker’s one-year anniversary here at Above The Law, so he felt compelled to take some perspective. → Read More

The Religious Right Is Leading Us Off Valuable First Amendment Rails

Some litigants are allowed to play by different rules when it comes to the First Amendment. → Read More

The American Left Has An Important Choice To Make

The president and his cult of followers have embraced white nationalism and excused racist tropes being directed at liberal members of Congress. Will that fact and such attacks prevent legitimate criticism of anti-Semitic statements and associations where they exist on the left? → Read More

Hysteria Does Not Generate Good Policy

The suggestion that we should make domestic terrorism a federal crime is not only unnecessary but given the abuses of the past and present, it represents a significant danger to civil liberties. → Read More

We Cannot Arrest Or Prohibit Our Way Out Of An Ideology

The white supremacist ideology has been rising for years, but if we want to fight it effectively, we should take the lessons learned by other communities and organizations. → Read More

The False Demonization Of Secularism

A desperate, panicked, and openly theocratic evangelical movement is falsely demonizing secularism and those who believe in the separation of church and state as a threat to religion. → Read More

How Do We Measure The Influence Of Rhetoric On Action?

It is impossible to deny that speech can cause harm, but direct regulation of harmful physical actions is preferable to indirect regulation of harmful conduct by censoring or criminalizing speech. → Read More

The Misunderstood And Irrelevant Fear Of Socialism

The fear of socialism seems to be a pressing concern for many, and in the name of defeating it, some people appear willing to tolerate disgusting, un-American behavior by the president. → Read More

Twitter Is Not A Public Forum

A recent federal appeals court decision on the issue is devoid of a lot of common sense. → Read More

The Difference Between Bryan Carmody And Julian Assange

In today’s edition of two things can be true at once: 1) the prosecution of Julian Assange is a dangerous assault on freedom of the press, and; 2) Julian Assange is a criminal. → Read More