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Recent articles by Tyler:

Portland Is A Totem

When it comes to the protests and law enforcement in Portland, many only see what they want. → Read More

Why Is Proving Race Discrimination A Lot Harder Than Proving Religious Discrimination?

Proving race discrimination requires proof of discriminatory treatment and intent, while proving free exercise violations can be done without either. → Read More

More Speech Means More Of Everything, Including Intolerance

It has never been easier to express yourself or to be exposed to new (but also bad) information and ideas. → Read More

Has 35 Years Of Deterioration Of Establishment Clause Protection Finally Given The Theocrats Their Victory?

That government not only can, but now must force you to subsidize religion is a stunning rebuke of Establishment Clause protection. → Read More

Colorado Requires Law Enforcement To Take Personal Responsibility

At this point, any amount of personal accountability is better than none. → Read More

Why Gorsuch’s Textualist Approach In Bostock Is Not A Trap

Many are understandably, but also perhaps mistakenly, wary that Justice Gorsuch’s textualist opinion will be used to subvert a broader protection of rights. → Read More

The Rule Of Law Is A Precarious Thing

The most astounding development in the past few years is that increasing agreement can be found from all political sides that major problems with police accountability exist. → Read More

Chief Justice Strikes A Blow For Balanced Religious Liberty

The theocratic movement is far from finished, but it appears more and more that the Chief Justice is willing to draw the line. → Read More

No-Knock Raids Are An Unnecessary Evil

There is no justifiable reason to continue such an abused and deadly practice. → Read More

Minnesota Churches Vow To Violate The Law

The decision to engage in civil disobedience as opposed to litigation is a unique turn of events. → Read More

Government Staying Out Of Religious Instruction Is Not Granting An ‘Exception’ To Churches

Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrisey-Berru should not be viewed as granting an exception to religious schools but about furthering a much-needed recommitment to the universal liberty of church and state separation. → Read More

The Worst Response To Our Grossly Flawed And Biased Application Of The Law Is Fatalism

The need to bring attention to the grotesque flaws within our legal systems cannot be underestimated, but the greatest danger we face is the impression that nothing can be done. → Read More

Why Is There Outrage Over Michael Flynn?

Common and long used FBI tactics have suddenly become outrageous when used on one of the president’s felonious cronies. → Read More

Unfortunately, Public Faith In Our Courts Deserves To Be This Low

With an imbalanced federal judiciary primarily made up of former government advocates often pursuing political agendas, is it any wonder that public trust in our legal institutions exists at all-time lows? → Read More

We Need The Abundance Of A Space Economy

Maintaining a level of inexhaustible resources is something humanity currently has the means to achieve, so we should be working faster to achieve it. → Read More

A Religious Liberty Dispute In Kentucky Exposes Larger National Tensions

Contradictory directions by the mayor of Louisville and an overdramatic partisan federal judge have ignited dangerous tensions. → Read More

College Sports Suffer From A Destructive Model Of Prohibition

If you want a system that ensures corruption and an inevitable, destructive black-market economy, look no further than our system of collegiate 'amateurism.' → Read More

The Legal Incoherence Of Wannabe Theocrats Is On Full Display This SCOTUS Term

Christian Nationalists are demanding that government be forced to fund religious schools in the same SCOTUS term that religious schools are arguing government must remove itself from religious education. → Read More

A Moral Rot Inside The ‘Pro-Life’ Movement Has Been Thrust Into The Light

Many citizens in the pro-life movement are undoubtedly sincere, but recent events have brought attention to the fact that many within the movement’s leadership are so obviously insincere about a respect for all life. → Read More

This President And His Congressional Enablers Doomed The Economy Well Before COVID-19

Increasing spending and dramatically increasing the debt during a thriving economy was a policy of economic suicide. → Read More