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Recent articles by Sophia:

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Here are 4 ways Donald Trump profits from racism

Several of the headlines emerging from the fallout of President Donald Trump’s recent racist behavior claim that fascism is coming to America. It’s perplexing to read them, because they seem to suggest that there is something new to the blatant and unapologetic racism and xenophobia of the Trump cam → Read More

Racism, Inc.: How Donald Trump profits from xenophobia

Until we understand how Trump profits from his racism, we won’t be able to effectively counter it → Read More

Will lies win the 2020 election?

False information circulating in the 2016 election was concerning; 2020 looks poised to simply normalize it → Read More

Jon Stewart, defender of American values: How comedians are redefining patriotism now

Over and over, political comedians are taking our national values more seriously than our politicians do → Read More

Can Democrats win in 2020 by attacking Trump? A new study says no

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Islamophobia is about politics, not faith: New study explores impact on 2020 elections

Islamophobia is on the rise, with 44 percent of white evangelicals holding negative views of Muslims → Read More

Samantha Bee's brutal Trump taunts: Why her Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner is necessary

"Once a year the current president should face someone who calls them out," Bee said at her Not the WHCAD event → Read More

The Mueller Report has become the left's Benghazi

The longer the left focuses on it as proof that Trump should be impeached, the closer he gets to reelection → Read More

Why is it so threatening to say Muslim lives matter?

We are increasingly divided not just over which lives matter, but whether we should even question how we mourn → Read More

Trump vs. "SNL": A political comedy Americans are actually watching

A new poll shows Americans have strong opinions about mixing politics with comedy, even on shows they don't watch → Read More

This is the real crisis facing the 2020 election

The crisis facing the 2020 election isn’t a huge field of Democrats or Donald Trump. It's an uninformed electorate. → Read More

The one thing that should really worry you about the 2020 election

The crisis facing the 2020 election isn’t a huge field of Democrats or Donald Trump. It's an uninformed electorate → Read More

5 ways the 2020 election will be shaped by late night comedy

Political comedy played a defining role in the 2016 election. It will only be more important in 2020 → Read More

Lessons from Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9″: Establishment Democrats sold out the voters

Moore’s film is as much about how the left and the media have failed us as it is about the dangers of Trump → Read More

Michael Moore’s terrifying “Fahrenheit 11/9″: Trump is the symptom, not the disease

"Fahrenheit 11/9" takes an unflinching look at how Donald Trump rose to power and what we can do about it → Read More

We don’t need to “rethink college” — we need to rethink the arguments against it

Conservatives whine that traditional education is under attack from the left. They have no facts to back that up → Read More

Trump’s war on words and the failures of a “weaponized” defense

The story of "weaponize" is a cautionary tale, a tale of how an assault on nuance and meaning is contagious → Read More