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Past articles by Kim:

Making A Break For It With Escape At Dannemora

Extra Hot Great is moving to its own home at moving forward. Please visit and bookmark us! Your podcast app RSS feed should be fine as is but if you have any issues, the new RSS info is on the new site as well. Resident, resident Kim Reed is back to talk about Ben Stiller-directed drama/thriller/Shawshank aspirant Escape At Dannemora. We discuss everything from… → Read More

Little House On The Prairie's Pa Takes A Dangerous Job To Pay Mary's Medical Bills

Pa struggles to find a job to help him pay Mary's bills, but finally finds work doing dangerous blasting through a mountain for the railroad. The bosses push him to go faster, even if it's unsafe, and because he's desperate, Pa doesn't hesitate, and alienates the entire crew, including Mr. Edwards. So who will come to his rescue when he gets trapped? And will he make enough money to save Mary? → Read More

Ru The Day

RuPaul is everywhere of late -- as a celebrity guest on Hollywood Game Night, as a haughty maitre d' on Broad City, hosting the just-started third installment of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, and at some point this season, judging on Project Runway All Stars. The panel is casting him (and her) in their next two gigs. → Read More

Taking It One Day At A Time

Kim Reed on the Netflix remake's second season, plus Call The Midwife and a Tara-led Game Time! → Read More

Pa Hauls Explosives And Solves Racism

Pa and Mr. Edwards need to make some quick cash when their wheat crop doesn't bring in as much money as they anticipated, so they take a job hauling blasting oil, and we all learn a little something about racism, which is that it's bad and you shouldn't do it. I feel educated. → Read More

Big Boys Are Nothing But Trouble

When the older boys return to school following the harvest, the school board decides that Miss Beadle can't handle the discipline, so they hire a male teacher. He's terrible, though, and Laura bears the brunt of his wrath. → Read More

Little House On The Prairie Gets Blood On The Tracks

Follow along as Carl Edwards almost burns down the family barn, and then manages to trap himself and the Ingalls girls in a runaway caboose, bound for a collision with a train out of Sleepy Eye, and then completely escape punishment because boys will be boys. Ugh. → Read More

Time For Little Amputation On The Prairie

Kim revisits one of the greatest episodes of the series: the one where Ma is left home alone with an infection and contemplates cutting off her own leg. Meanwhile, we learn about infection sandwiches, Pa's red long johns, and Doc Baker's squeaky wheel. → Read More

Three-Way Calling, Prairie-Style

In case you thought Felicity or Mean Girls did it first, Nellie Oleson proves she is the OG Bitch when she secretly records Laura talking about her crush and plays it in front of the whole school. → Read More

The Moment You've Been Waiting For: The 3rd Place Reveal!

The Moment You've Been Waiting For: The 3rd Place Reveal! → Read More

Bibles Are For Closers

This week, Kim puzzles over the organizational structure of the Sunday School and compares old-timey homeopathic medicine to essential oils as Laura and Mary try to double their money to afford a better gift for Reverend Alden's birthday. → Read More

Where In The World Is TJ Lavin?

Kim and guest host Leah Kwan discuss the highlights and lowlights of the finale, the chances that the production company is going to get sued, whether or not anyone would join a gym opened by a Challenge contestant, and why TJ couldn't be bothered to attend the final challenge. → Read More

The Final Six Are Headed Toward A High-Flying Finale

This season's penultimate episode is full of filler, a huge contrast to last week's jam-packed episode. Someone at Bunim-Murray really needs to work on pacing. After the final two finalists are crowned in a disappointing challenge, the three men and three women go skydiving and stack rocks in an Argentinean ruin as the finale begins. → Read More

The Ingalls And Oleson Families Camp Out In The Great Outdoors

The Olesons glom onto the Ingalls family's camping trip, which means that a bunch of people get poison ivy and Nellie and Laura nearly drown in the shadow of majestic Mt. Minnesota. → Read More

How Much Longer Will The Challenge Be A Bananas Republic?

How Much Longer Will The Challenge Be A Bananas Republic? → Read More

Mr. Edwards Expresses An Emotion And Doesn't Die

This week, Pa searches in vain for a family to take in the Sanderson orphans when the answer was right in front of him the whole time. Plus, Kim has a lot of fun with the name Minerva Farnsworth. → Read More

Veronica Makes Her Big Move On The Challenge

When a 'burn vote' is carelessly cast, Challenge vet Veronica sees her opportunity to flip the game on its head. → Read More

Laura And Widow Snyder Each Need A Date For The Spring Dance

So they both try to use jealousy to get what they want. → Read More

The Triumph Of The Underdogs Could Shake Up The Challenge

This week, we have both a social media update and Joe's excellent breakdown of the midseason trailer up top, followed by our detailed recap and analysis of the episode, capped off by the Killin' It Awards. → Read More

Laura Befriends The Town Hermit And Helps Him Find God

While examining the town haunted house, Laura meets the hermit who lives there, Amos Pike, and of course they become fast friends. Laura wants to help Mr. Pike reunite with his wife, who ran off to the city years ago. There's one problem. She dead. → Read More