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Past articles by Drew:

Fantasy Duel: Dragon Age: Inquisition vs. The Witcher 3

We look at the tale of the tape to determine if fantasy fans with a tight schedule should play The Witcher 3 or Dragon Age: Inquisition. → Read More

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Review—What's Your Fantasy?

This massive fantasy epic could keep you busy for upwards of 200 hours. → Read More

10 Kung Fu Movies Every Man Should See

From the absolute classics to the so-bad-they're-amazing. → Read More

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review (Multi-Platform)

Drew Toal dares to keep all of his dreams alive with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. → Read More

Our favorite games of 2016, part 2

Every December, instead of searching for a group consensus, Gameological looks back at the year in games through individual perspectives. These are the staffers’ personal takes on a few games that have stuck in their minds for whatever reason—big or small—and does not represent any sort of instituti → Read More

Killing above your weight class: 26 unexpected assassins

1. Kenard and Omar Little, The WireThe Wire’s Omar Little (Michael K. Williams) earned his status as a fan favorite for his unique mix of competence and bravado, which allowed him to make a very successful living robbing Baltimore’s most dangerous drug dealers. Despite numerous attempts on his life, → Read More

When even Cam Newton can’t save you from a Madden disaster

Welcome to our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans, nagging questions, and whatever else we feel like talking about. No matter what the topic, we invite everyone in the comments to tell us: What Are You Playing This Weekend?Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton likes to call him → Read More

Darkest Dungeon considers the psychological toll of adventuring

I’m just going to say it: Many of the world’s ills stem directly from wealthy old white guys indulging dangerous whims. Is there anything more terrifying than a bored pensioner with inexhaustible resources, a highly evolved sense of solipsism, and general lack of accountability? In Darkest Dungeon, → Read More

Star Wars Battlefront finally gives expendable grunts their due

What, exactly, constitutes a war? Here on Earth, the definition is a little unclear. The United States has been in some state of industrialized conflict for the majority of its 240-year history, but the U.S. government hasn’t actually declared war since the days following the Japanese bombing of Pea → Read More

Home sweet wasteland: 7 perfectly livable post-apocalyptic communities

As Matt Gerardi noted in his review this week, the nuke-ravaged world of Fallout 4 places a greater emphasis than ever on community—a point that Matt extends in the first entry below. Fallout 4 is part of a long tradition in games where indefatigable survivors carve out a tiny slice of heaven in a w → Read More

30 Powerful World War I Images

This Veterans Day, century-old photos remind us freedom isn’t free. → Read More

Halo 5 feels like a missed opportunity to evolve more than just combat

Much of the hype around the new Star Wars movies (perhaps the only space epic bigger than Halo) is fueled by rumors surrounding Luke Skywalker, the galaxy’s last remaining Jedi knight. Why don’t we see more of him in the trailer for the new movie? Why are Han and Leia crying? Hey, what about that gu → Read More

Transformers: Devastation is the best Transformers game ever

Around 1.3 million people die in automobile accidents every year, a number that doesn’t even account for the 10s of millions more who suffer non-fatal injuries. Likewise, in 2013, nearly 34,000 people were killed with firearms. So when rival Transformers chieftains Optimus Prime and Megatron face of → Read More

Traveling tunes: 10 methods of gaming transport and their moving themes

In Let’s Playlist, the Gameological staff assembles a themed lineup of video game music and packages it in a YouTube playlist. But we’re just providing the start. You’re invited to nominate your own candidates and fill out the list (with a YouTube link if you can find it, please). We’ll choose our f → Read More

“If you love me, you’ll drink this”: 7 movie cocktails you shouldn’t try at home

1. Schnapps on white bread, Taxi Driver (1976)According to Hollywood legend, acclaimed film composer Bernard Herrmann wasn’t interested in scoring Taxi Driver. But Martin Scorsese did enough arm twisting to make Herrmann read the script, and when the maestro got to the scene where Travis Bickle pour → Read More

Godzilla is the game of the year for masochists

“Let them fight.” By uttering these three simple words in the 2014 movie Godzilla, Ken Watanabe’s character got straight at the heart of the iconic monster’s appeal. Why turn to precise, conventional military options that might minimize collateral damage, this renowned scientist seems to be saying, → Read More

44 real-life pop-culture siblings you (probably) didn’t know were related

1-2. Pablo and Liev Schreiber According to a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Liev Schreiber apparently refers to his prominent, singular cheeks as his “Slavic fat pads.” Perhaps the lack of that Eastern European chub is why Pablo, who burst onto the scene as Nick Sobotka on the second season The → Read More

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood backs away from The New Order’s strengths and into the past

“How many Nazis are there in this world, anyhow?”There are no easy answers for burly Wolfenstein protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz, as the objects of his rhetorical ire come goose-stepping through the windows and doors with murderous intent. But it’s not very clear whether he thinks there are too many Naz → Read More

When all else fails, call John Goodman: 9 hangover cures from pop culture

A wicked hangover is a classic storytelling device, the dry-mouthed, dry-heaving sign of a hero gone to seed (or a compromised character at the ass end of another bad decision). But just as literature, film, and television have given us some monumental mornings after—at least enough to stretch a mildly amusing Todd Phillips romp into a full-blown franchise—they have proposed a number of remedies… → Read More

Brawl through the fourth wall: 11 tips for surviving a movie bar fight

Bar brawls, pub fights, saloon showdowns—if you’re in a movie, and you happen to walk into the wrong watering hole at the wrong time, chances are that all hell is going to break loose. Sometimes, smashing a sugar glass bottle over the other fella’s head just won’t do; for those special cases, The A. → Read More