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Recent articles by Adam:

The Chinese proverb that Russia cited to respond to the Mueller report does not appear to be a Chinese proverb

“This is not even close to the way that Confucius talks," one expert said. → Read More

No president has recognized Israel’s control of the Golan Heights. Trump changed that with a tweet.

Trump's decision upends decades of U.S. — and Israeli — policy on the disputed region. → Read More

Trump’s advice on Brexit may be useless — or worse

Brexiteers should be glad that President Trump is not a master negotiator. → Read More

‘None of you is a traitor’: British Parliament speaker pushes back against May over who is to blame for Brexit mess

“The sole duty of every member of Parliament is to do what he or she thinks is right," John Bercow said. → Read More

The 400-year-old legal precedent that might break Brexit

Britain's path out of the E.U. is being held up by the events of 1604. → Read More

Why your joints pop and crack

We all crack our joints, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Rebecca Shepherd and Adam Taylor explain when you should and should not be worried about that popping noise → Read More

Mr. Brexit? Trump, a critic of the E.U., keeps undermining Theresa May’s plan to leave it.

Trump supports Brexit. He just thinks Britain is doing Brexit wrong. → Read More

New Zealand suspect allegedly claimed ‘brief contact’ with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik

The reference may be deliberately designed to mislead. → Read More

Australia provided fertile ground for Islamophobic culture, experts say

The alleged gunman’s rhetoric, and the target, suggest the influence of a newer, global and Internet-inspired extremism. → Read More

Vice President Pence hosts the Irish prime minister and his gay partner for breakfast

Pence has previously been called the “the face of anti-LGBTQ hate in America.” → Read More

Ireland’s prime minister talks Brexit and Trump

Ireland's Leo Varadkar on what Britain’s exit from the European Union might mean for Dublin’s relationship with Washington. → Read More

The free world is leaderless

The title “leader of the free world” is up for grabs. → Read More

A poll found Mexicans think relations with the U.S. are better than before. Ignoring Trump may be the secret.

Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, appears to have helped the shift. → Read More

Trump met Putin in Helsinki. More than 200 days later, will we ever find out what they said?

Accounts of the private meeting have come out. It's just not clear if they are true. → Read More

Everything you need to know about your horrible cold

The human body has a large surface area that is in contact with the outside world; much of this comes from the body’s largest organ – our skin – which protects us from a variety of potential threats. The other major sites of contact with the outside world come from the openings in the body – and our nose and mouth have the greatest exchange with the outside world as we breathe → Read More

What is the Monroe Doctrine? John Bolton’s justification for Trump’s push against Maduro.

The 1823 doctrine was originally about U.S. opposition to colonialism in Latin America. It has morphed into something quite different since then. → Read More

Yongbyon and sanctions: Trump and Kim's Vietnam summit failure, explained

There are two key areas of dispute between the United States and North Korea. → Read More

Pink champagne, Cuban cigars and Sheldon Adelson: How Benjamin Netanyahu got accused of corruption

Israelis know the investigations by three names: Case 1000, Case 2000 and Case 4000. → Read More

Why Kim Jong Un wants relief from ‘maximum pressure’ sanctions

It's hard to know exactly how sanctions are effecting North Korea's economy, but the data doesn't look good. → Read More

What if Trump’s deal with North Korea is a failure?

Trump may be looking for a short-term success, but avoiding a long-term failure will be much harder. → Read More