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Washington, DC, United States

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Past articles by Frederick:

Op-ed: Putin's battlefield failures provide an opportunity for the world to step up efforts to help end the war in Ukraine

Putin's battlefield failures provide the world with an opportunity to accelerate and step up all efforts to ensure the Russian president's defeat in Ukraine. → Read More

Op-ed: In Putin's evil vs. good war against Ukraine, the forces of good prevailed at NATO this week

Charred goods in a grocery store of the destroyed Amstor mall in Kremenchuk, on June 28, 2022, one day after it was hit by a Russian missile strike, according to Ukrainian authorities. Genya Savilov | Afp | Getty Images Frederick Kempe is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic Council. This is a story of evil versus good. It's the story of a despot's ruthless attacks on… → Read More

Op-ed: The EU’s rewiring due to the war in Ukraine is game-changing, if it doesn’t short-circuit before the job is done

European leaders and citizens must understand what they are doing isn't just for Ukraine but even more for themselves. → Read More

Op-ed: Why China’s Xi Jinping’s damage control is all about heading off a crisis

The Chinese president will have to correct course if he is to restore economic growth at home, revive his international momentum and avoid "Peak Xi." → Read More

Op-ed: We must stop Putin in Ukraine before the rule-of-law is replaced by the rule-of-the-jungle

Ukraine must win. Russia must lose. It's really that simple. → Read More

Op-ed: After Davos, going 'long' on optimism in an anxious world

After Davos, I'm going "short" on pessimism and long on "optimism" as I return to Washington, D.C., this weekend. → Read More

Op-ed: Ukraine and its allies must tackle 5 tests for the civilized world to shape a better future

Here are the five crucial tests Ukraine and its global partners and allies must tackle as Putin's criminal war approaches its most decisive phase. → Read More

Op-ed: Much like FDR, Biden faces a tough choice — do more to stop a vicious dictator now or pay the price later

Biden faces the danger of aggressive authoritarianism and the insufficient common cause to confront it. → Read More

A new world order is emerging — and the world is not ready for it

The question is not what the new world order would be, but rather if the U.S. and its allies can reverse the erosion of the past century's gains. → Read More

Xi’s gamble on Putin may be the most dangerous and short-sighted of his nine years in power

Chinese President Xi Jinping's "no limits" strategic bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin marks the most dangerous gamble of his nine years in power. → Read More

Op-ed: Crippling sanctions aren't enough — Here's what needs to be done to stop Putin

The unprecedented economic and financial sanctions on Russia, though historic, have been insufficient to deter Putin from escalating his war on Ukraine. → Read More

Op-ed: The Ukraine crisis is a test of the West’s course-correct on Putin, who they've appeased too long

A tectonic shift in Europe to a more assertive posture suggests a growing realization that Russia's aggressions are as much a danger to Europe's future as it is to Ukraine. → Read More

Op-ed: Biden needs to channel Harry Truman to counter Putin’s designs on Ukraine and beyond

Unless President Biden can turn this ongoing Ukrainian crisis into opportunity, the setback for Europe and the world could be generational. → Read More

Op-ed: Biden confronts crucial week in standoff with Putin, and the future of Europe is again in the balance

By this week's end, the U.S. and its allies likely will know whether Russian President Putin is willing to negotiate or whether he's determined to escalate. → Read More

Op-ed: Welcome to 2022, the year of living dangerously with China, Russia and Iran – but the U.S. will drive the plot

In this year of living dangerously it may be the U.S., more than any other actor, whose actions and inactions will drive the plot. → Read More

Op-ed: America’s partners and adversaries navigate uncertain period of U.S. ‘strategic contraction’

After years of unrivaled global leadership, the U.S. is in a state of "strategic contraction." → Read More

Op-ed: Addressing climate change won't happen without fossil fuels or without the messy, inescapable realities of global and local politics

The painful lesson of the past few weeks is that you can't take fossil fuel supply off the market when the renewable replacements aren't yet sufficient. → Read More

Op-ed: Why the U.S.-China duo is the most significant, and potentially the most perilous, bilateral relationship in human history

Given that reality, neither the U.S. nor China is managing their rising tensions with adequate skill or durable strategy. → Read More

Op-ed: Biden needs to act now to shore up economic foreign policy to restore confidence in U.S. leadership

Biden should act to correct its post-Afghanistan foreign policy malaise by embracing economic deals that rally its global partners and restore confidence in U.S. leadership. → Read More

Op-ed: Will China's President Xi’s big bet pay off?

Chinese President Xi Jinping is making the most audacious geopolitical bet of the 21st century. → Read More