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Recent articles by Matthew:

Understanding the Underwhelming GOP Performance

A cloud hangs over Republicans. The election did not go as well as they thought. They expected the results nationwide to resemble the results in Florida, where Republicans walloped Democrats. Didn’t happen. Florida now seems to be as exceptional politically as it is culturally. → Read More

The Policies Responsible for the Coming Democratic Disaster

Voters are about to teach progressive Democrats a lesson: Crime doesn’t pay. → Read More

Here Come the Investigations

Let’s say the GOP wins control of Congress on November 8. What will 2023 look like? → Read More

Mike Pence and the Republican Future

Mike Pence has kept his oath to the Constitution and has reminded the Right that a synthesis of conservatism and populism is possible. → Read More

The GOP Cavalry Arrives

Not long ago, President Biden and congressional Democrats were riding high. They benefited from falling gas prices, a rash of legislation, a foolish but popular student debt bailout, several weak GOP candidates, and voter backlash to the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Now it's autumn, and there is a chill in the air and a change in the political temperature. Republicans, the polls suggest, have a path… → Read More

The Ingrates of Vienna

The Biden administration’s desperate quest for an Iran Deal projects weakness. → Read More

The GOP Summer Swoon

The GOP needs a full-spectrum victory if it wants to stop the Left and shock Democrats into abandoning Biden. The data and events of the past week suggest that the party has a way to go. → Read More

The GOP Summer Swoon

Today caps off the worst week yet for Republicans in the 2022 campaign cycle. Their troubles began with Senate passage of the Chips and Science Act on Wednesday, July 27, and culminated in the Kansas pro-life rout on Tuesday, August 2. Before last week, the party was riding a red wave to victory in November's elections. Now, one month before the campaign begins in earnest on Labor Day, aimless… → Read More

Why Should We Believe Biden?

The Iran crisis is here, but President Joe Biden acts as if it hasn't yet arrived. → Read More

Who’s In Charge?

"Which way am I going?" asked President Biden when he ended Thursday's press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid. He began to exit stage right, before someone redirected him toward stage left. This combination of ignorance and indecision was not new. Throughout his 18 months as president, Biden has been confused, uncertain, sluggish. He behaves as if he is guided by unseen forces. He moves… → Read More

Republicans Surf the Red Wave

In January, published a story with the headline, “Some Early Clues About How the Midterms Will Go.” The authors, Alex Samuels and Nathaniel Rakich, named four things to watch during the election year: President Biden’s job approval, the congressional generic ballot, special election results, and individual election polls. Six months later, all signs point to a great night for… → Read More

The Iran Crisis Is Here

As if we didn't have enough to worry about: This week Iran escalated its war against the West. → Read More

Biden Defines Defense Down

President Biden resists increasing resources for national defense, while powerful elements of both left and right work to reduce American commitments. Neither strategy makes America safer. → Read More

Biden Runs Out of Gas

"This is a wartime bridge to increase oil supply into production," President Biden said during his announcement Thursday that he would release more barrels of oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve than at any point in American history. His decision was also a concession. None of the policies Biden has enacted throughout his short presidency have alleviated the problems they were… → Read More

Hope for Ukraine Is Not a Strategy

Half measures won’t save Ukraine or restore American deterrence. → Read More

Hope for Ukraine Is Not a Strategy

The strongest part of President Biden's State of the Union address was the section on the war in Ukraine. Biden condemned the Russian invasion. He welcomed the Ukrainian ambassador. He led Congress in a statement of solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their fight against the Russian aggressor. He announced that the United States was closing its airspace to Russian planes, cutting off Russia… → Read More

Biden Tries a Great Reset

The goal of President Biden's State of the Union Address Tuesday: reset his presidency after one of the worst inaugural years in American history. Mission unaccomplished. → Read More

The Great P. J. O’Rourke

Beneath P.J.'s charm was a substantive core that deserves special appreciation and tribute. The flip side of his belief in individual freedom was his embrace of personal responsibility. → Read More

Putin Can’t Be Appeased

Vladimir Putin has deployed some 100,000 troops to Russia’s border with Ukraine. He has moved fighter jets and anti-aircraft defenses into neighboring Belarus. He has around 6,000 soldiers, as well as air and naval assets, in Crimea, the peninsula in south Ukraine that he annexed illegally eight years ago. His insurgents have waged a “frozen conflict” in east Ukraine for close to a decade. His… → Read More

The Placeholder President

The most impassioned speech of Joe Biden's presidency was about events that took place before it began. I'm talking about the president's remarks on the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol. The energy, force, and direction of Biden's delivery have been missing from practically every address he's made since his inauguration. The Biden who spoke from Statuary Hall on… → Read More