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Past articles by eLife:

Life under the lens – Life’s Building Blocks –

Six videos from eLife articles showcase the intricacies of the microscopic world. → Read More

Grasping how chromosome copies pull themselves apart

The amount of grip produced by hand-like structures help to divide chromosomes between dividing cells. → Read More

Poring over virus shells – Life’s Building Blocks –

A new technique allows us to see how different molecules interact with the capsid that surrounds viruses. → Read More

How cells hand-deliver messages – Life’s Building Blocks –

Communication helps the cells that make up tissues and organs to work together as a team. One way that cells share information with each other as tissues grow and develop is by exchanging signaling… → Read More

The many faces of climate change – Life on Earth –

Climate change may have mixed effects on mosquito-borne disease in Australia. → Read More

Switching inflammation off – Health and Disease –

The newly identified iTAP protein controls the release of powerful inflammatory signals. → Read More

Through the haze – Brains and Behaviour –

Patients emerging from anaesthesia pass through a sleep-like state minutes before awakening. → Read More

The scientific paradox of crossing Abbey Road – Brains and Behaviour –

If our ability to stand still depends on the brain preventing movements that would otherwise make us fall, how do we ever start moving? → Read More

Seeing with the mind’s eye – eLife –

Does imagining an object activate the brain in the same way as looking at that object? → Read More

Getting to the heart of anthracyclines – Health and Disease –

Certain genetic differences could predispose patients to the side effects of some chemotherapy drugs. → Read More

Sensing a brighter future for cancer treatments – Life’s Building Blocks –

A bioluminescent sensor may help to develop new drugs. → Read More

Passing through – Health and Disease –

Genetic variations may interfere with osteoporosis drugs. → Read More

When movements become contagious – Brains and Behaviour –

Accurately predicting the result of someone’s actions makes it more likely that we’ll mimic them. → Read More

How do we know a hairdryer is not a gun? – Brains and Behaviour –

Neuroscientists find a brain region that combines information about what an object looks like and what it’s used for. → Read More

Growing up in a bubble – Health and Disease –

Mice that grow up in a bacteria-free environment show altered gene activity in their brains during social interaction. → Read More

Holding the focus – Life’s Building Blocks –

A new open source software tool makes it possible for researchers to view cells in living animals in high detail. → Read More

The curious genetics of pigeon patterns – Life on Earth –

Pale pigeons with poor vision share a similar mutation to that found in humans with some forms of hereditary blindness. → Read More

Harnessing random – Life’s Building Blocks –

How can organisms adapt to conditions that have never encountered before? → Read More

Fishing for answers – Life on Earth –

New scans of prehistoric fish skulls shed light on the early evolution of vertebrates. → Read More

Over-generalizing linked to anxiety – Brains and Behaviour –

People who report anxiety and intrusive thoughts were more likely to over-generalize potential harm to benign situations. → Read More