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Past articles by Nicholas:

AsiaOne explains: What do the different types of beers mean?

You may have heard the term 'craft beer' before, but what is it exactly? Craft beers are more commonly found in smaller shops (not coffeeshops) dedicated to selling different types and brands of beer. The main idea behind craft beer is that it is made in smaller quantities with better ingredients. Also, the beers are brewed by craft brewers in smaller, independent breweries sometimes called… → Read More

Not your job? Internet divided over photos of SCDF cleaning up spilled eggs along Orchard Road

An egg spill happened at Orchard Road along the main road by the building at Takashimaya on Thursday (July 27) morning. To clarify things, the spill was not a small one that could be quickly cleared up with the combined efforts of a few passer-bys. The spill, according to a SCDF spokesperson, measured a whole 15 metres - enough to pose as a serious obstacle to traffic. → Read More

Twitter explodes with reactions after Justin Bieber cancels tour, including Singapore stop

It was a tragic day for Beliebers yesterday (July 24) when Justin Bieber announced that he was cancelling the rest of his tour, with 14 shows left across North America, and Asia. Countries like Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Phillipines, and Indonesia are among those affected. → Read More

Math teacher becomes internet-famous for playing ingenious pranks on his students

Teachers have the ability to make or break a class. For example, a brilliant teacher can make the most dry and boring subject somewhat interesting, while the most exciting topic could similarly be killed off by a teacher who can't get his teaching ability across. As far as dry subjects go, one could say that math classes are right up there among the most boring. Yet, a particular math teacher… → Read More

How this man turned his one regrettable tattoo that affected his future around

A New Zealand man who found his life turned upside down after getting a large tattoo on his face while in prison has finally managed to earn some respite for himself and get a job. In 2015, Mark Cropp pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery after pulling a knife on a tourist, and was subsequently sentenced to two years of imprisonment. → Read More

Singapore airfares, hotel prices to go up by more than 3% next year: Study

The fourth annual 2018 Global Travel Forecast has just been released, revealing that travel prices are expected to rise in the coming year, with Singapore's airfares set to increase by 3.8 per cent and hotel prices to rise by 3.2 per cent, in line with the global trend. The study was released by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, a global travel management company, and the GBTA Foundation, the education… → Read More

Woman granted divorce after husband ignores her texts

It is of popular opinion that people who leave their read receipts on are also the same people who flirt with danger, are borderline psychopaths, or just really have their life together, and can reply to every text they receive. For those who are not familiar with what read receipts are, it is basically a fancy phrase for what is widely known as "blue ticks". → Read More

Misinformation alert: Video of 'kidnapped' child's body in ice box is actually drowned child

The spread of misinformation has taken internet users for a ride once again. The dissemination of false story via viral Facebook posts and chain Whatsapp messages about a dead kid in an ice box have had people fooled. A viral video has been circulating since last Thursday (July13), which showed a the body of a purportedly kidnapped child in China, with the story that he had been left in a box of… → Read More

YouTuber apologises for prank that involves flattening coins on train tracks in Thailand, Asia News

YouTube prankster Nate Bartling, better known on Facebook as My Mate Nate, on Monday apologised to State Railway of Thailand's (SRT) deputy governor over his video clip in which he placed several coins on a railway track to test their strength. He said after meeting with Thanongsak Pongprasert that he would use this incident as a lesson and was ready to take responsibility for what he had done. → Read More

Get 'red'-y to ride these NDP-themed trains for National Day

Singapore residents will be able to immerse themselves in the spirit of National Day even while on their daily commute, with the launch of NDP 2017 themed trains today (July 17). → Read More

Stag beetle sells art piece for more than $2,000

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be out-earned by an insect? Wonder no further, because there is a stag beetle in Japan which just sold a piece of art for US$1,575 (S$2,156), which is more than what most of us will ever make for a piece of art, and may be more than what some of us take home a month. → Read More

Internet users defend Emirates flight attendant caught on camera pouring unused champagne back into bottle

An Emirates flight attendant was recently caught on video pouring a glass of unused champagne back into its bottle, causing internet users to sit up and take notice. The original footage was accidentally filmed by Russian passenger Yevgeny Kaymov who was flying business class to Dubai when he wanted to capture a short clip of his surroundings - just because. → Read More

This travel company lets you customise your trips and builds a pop-up hotel for you too

Vacations are meant for us to unwind, relax, get away from the hectic schedules of everyday life. In a sense, you could say it is a short opportunity for one to forget about one's problems. But what if the usual Airbnb apartments or Bali villas are just not far out enough for you to truly run from your problems? → Read More

Father bounces son in stockings to prove their durability, divided opinions on the internet ensue

A video has gone viral among netizens in China showing a man bouncing his young son up and down in a pair of stockings. In the eight-second video, the man is shown holding up a young boy fully covered in a pair of stockings, while advertising the strength and elasticity of the stockings as he bounces the boy up and down. → Read More

Woman refuses to return deceased teen's mobile phone to his family, despite their desperate requests

Our faith in humanity seems to get tested all too often, just like this incident from China. CCTV footage has surfaced showing a teenage boy climbing over a bridge railing in Yichang, Hubei province, leaping off to his death, and leaving his phone behind on the sidewalk last Friday morning (July 7). Shortly later, a middle aged Chinese woman appears in the video, quickly picking up the phone… → Read More

Train driver sacrifices his leg to save elderly woman on the tracks

A train driver in southwest China is being hailed as a hero after saving an elderly woman's life from an oncoming train at the expense of his right leg. Xu Qiankai, 29, was moving a train to a service depot at Roncgchang station in Chongqing last Thurday when he looked up and spotted an elderly woman on the tracks ahead, despite the area being marked with "no trespassing" signs. → Read More

Exchange furniture for cash with IKEA's new furniture take-back programme

SINGAPORE - Some people are sentimental when it comes to their household objects and furniture and will continue using them until said furniture is broken beyond repair or becomes too worn out to be used. That being said, not everyone falls under the sentimental category, and enjoy equipping their home with new furniture from time to time. Normally, the unwanted furniture is simply left next to… → Read More

Girl cleans up Trump's Hollywood star and accidentally creates a meme

It is probably no secret that US President Donald Trump is not one of the most popular characters in America right now. Well, depending on who you speak to. → Read More

KFC Zinger burger sent up to space in elaborate mission

When one thinks about space voyages, KFC chicken burgers are unlikely to surface as the next associated thought. However, in an unlikely mission, the two have come together to make history. On Thursday last week (June 29), World View Enterprises, a private US near-space exploration company, sent a KFC Zinger burger 23.5km up above the surface of the earth via a giant space balloon. The entire… → Read More

Orchard Road smoking ban: Here are other smoking regulations in Singapore you need to know now

Dark days are ahead for smokers in Singapore with smoking being prohibited in all public areas along the Orchard Road area from July 1, 2018 onwards, save for a few Designated Smoking Areas. This was announced by the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Friday. The smoke-free zone will start from Tanglin Road to Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Here is a map of the areas that are to be smoke-free: → Read More