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Past articles by Olivia:

‘A scary time’: Fear of prosecution forces doctors to choose between protecting themselves or their patients

State laws criminalizing abortion have put physicians under intense scrutiny and made them fearful, with implications that extend well beyond abortion. → Read More

Supreme Court decision suggests the legal right to contraception is also under threat

The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade suggests other rights founded on the same principle of privacy, including gay sex, same-sex marriage, interracial marriage, and the freedom to use contraception, are now also called into question. → Read More

Rich countries are hoarding more Covid vaccines than needed for boosters

Even accounting for rich nations' booster shots, there’s ample supply of Covid vaccines to meet global vaccination goals for the end of 2021. → Read More

Psilocybin trial finds psychedelic is effective in treating depression

Overall, 29.1% of patients in the highest-dose group were in remission three weeks after treatment, compared to 7.6% in the control group. → Read More

Athira chief executive resigns as company confirms she altered research

The chief executive Athira Pharma left the company after papers she published as a student were found to contain altered research. → Read More

Why the Covax vaccine program failed

Conceived at the start of the pandemic, Covax pursued lofty goals, promising fair access to Covid-19 vaccines for every country worldwide, and to give them free to the poorest. → Read More

'Naively ambitious':How COVAX failed on its promise to vaccinate the world

The global collaboration, set up early in the pandemic to give people in rich and poor nations equitable access to vaccines, has fallen short. → Read More

Athira cited altered studies in $15 million NIH grant application

Three altered papers co-authored by former chief executive Leen Kawas were referenced in an Athira application for NIH funding. → Read More

Rural Black communities lose a lifeline in the Covid-19 pandemic

“I hate that it closed,” Latasha Taylor said. “That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why would you close a hospital in the middle of a pandemic?” → Read More

Shots for rural Black communities going to wealthy white Floridians

Vaccine drives intended for underserved communities became destinations for people who know whom to call and how to advocate for themselves. → Read More

More Covid-19 vaccines bring choices and complications to rollout

The new vaccines could complicate an already-messy rollout. But their different features also open the door to greater convenience. → Read More

Undercounting of Covid-19 deaths is greatest in pro-Trump areas

Tens of thousands of Covid-19 deaths are going unreported, with far more missed in counties that strongly supported former President Trump. → Read More

Primary care doctors are being left behind in the vaccine rollout

Many primary care doctors are not affiliated with hospitals, which means they have no direct link to vaccine distribution at this stage. → Read More

Pfizer decision on vaccine temperature sensors forced scramble

Hospitals and the U.S. government scrambled to figure out how they would monitor the temperature of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. → Read More

Labeling confusion led to wasted doses of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

The confusion came over labeling: The vaccine comes in vials labeled as containing enough for five doses, not the six they actually hold. → Read More

How the rich and privileged can skip the line for Covid-19 vaccines

“Anything that’s seen as lifesaving, life-preserving, and that's in short supply creates black markets,” said one ethicist. → Read More

Hospitals in half the states are facing a massive staffing shortage-

Hospitals in at least 25 states are critically short of nurses, doctors, and other staff as coronavirus cases surge across the United States. → Read More

Rural hospitals can't afford freezers to store a Covid-19 vaccine

The CDC has advised state health departments against purchasing ultra-cold freezers — which cost $10,000 to $15,000 each. → Read More

Psychedelic treatment for depression is on sale for the first time

A wellness retreat in the Netherlands is now offering psychedelic therapy for those with depression. → Read More

The business interests behind vaccine trials work against people of color

Covid-19 vaccine trials are struggling to recruit diverse patients as the industry works to undo long-standing exclusionary practices. → Read More