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Past articles by Clare:

How healthy is my energy drink? Here's what you should know before drinking another one.

Energy drinks can have some nasty side effects. Here's how to choose a good one. → Read More

What is autism? Here's how autistic advocates say you can support the community responsibly.

Autism Acceptance Month is in April, and here's what advocates want you to know about what autism is,"autism awareness" and uplifting the community. → Read More

Email etiquette: The do's and don'ts for using cc and bcc in email

Cc may be a computer-age term, but it has roots in the 1870s with paper copying techniques. More on how to use cc and bcc in emails. → Read More

Drinking outside this summer? Here's how much alcohol is too much, plus more safety tips.

About a third of drowning deaths and a quarter of boating deaths involve heavy drinking. Here's how to keep you and your family safe this summer. → Read More

Fourth of July safety for pets: Keep your animal safe during July 4 festivities

Dogs and cats have stronger senses than humans, so fireworks can be scary. Follow these tricks to prevent and reduce pet anxiety this July 4. → Read More

Does honey ever go bad? Here's a quick trick for fixing crystallized honey.

Honey is a pantry staple. Here's how long you can keep it in your fridge. → Read More

How much should dogs sleep? We asked a veterinarian when to worry about Fido.

Dogs are sleepy animals, but what if they're spending too much of their day snoozing? Learn the average sleep hours for dogs, plus when to see a vet. → Read More

How long do dogs live? What to know about dog life expectancy based on breed and size

We all wish our dogs could live forever, but knowing life expectancy can make it "easier emotionally," says vet Nicole Savageau. → Read More

Healthiest ice cream revealed: Is 'healthy,' low-calorie ice cream worth the hype?

Ice cream is an American summer staple, but is it harming your health? Here's what a dietitian says, plus the deal with non-dairy, low-calorie options. → Read More

Mosquito bites: Why they itch and why mosquitos bite some people more than others

Mosquitos bite some people more than others. What to know about why they itch, what they're attracted to and more. → Read More

Add cards, send money: How to use Google Pay for your next contactless purchase

You can use Google Pay with your existing cards and bank account to send money to friends and tap to pay in stores. → Read More

Is there a 'healthiest' sugar substitute? What you need to know about artificial sweeteners.

A detailed look at how certain sweeteners measure up when you compare sugar substitutes to regular sugar for your diet. → Read More

How to get rid of mosquito bites: home remedies you can use to soothe the itch

Mosquito bites will usually go away on their own if you let them be, but there are at-home remedies and drugstore creams to help. → Read More

How do you play Solitaire with real cards? Beginner's guide (with pictures) to the solo game

Solitaire is a one-player card game where you try to use all of your cards to create a sequence. You can play it online or with a physical card deck. → Read More

How to play Go Fish card game: Learn rules, how to win with this illustrated guide

Looking to introduce your family to the classic card game Go Fish or seeking out a game to pass the time? Here's a beginner's guide with pictures. → Read More

What do the Bisexual Pride Flag colors mean? History and symbolism of the flag explained.

The Bisexual Pride Flag was created in 1998 by activist Michael Page. The flag has three colors: pink, purple and blue. Here's what they represent. → Read More

Diverse gender identity flags: Learn the Genderqueer, Nonbinary, Gender Fluid Pride Flags

It's more than the rainbow flag: Here are the flags representing identity outside the gender binary, including genderqueer, gender fluid and nonbinary. → Read More

This form of government leaves power in the hands of a few: Oligarchies explained

An oligarchy is a form of government, just as a democracy or monarchy is. Here's how it works and a few examples of countries some say it applies to. → Read More

The case of cold cuts: These are the healthiest deli meat options for your next sandwich

Expert tips for choosing the healthiest options for deli meat. → Read More

Which direction should your ceiling fan turn during the summer? Here's how to stay cool.

There's a right way to set your ceiling fan spin in the summer and winter to keep you warm or cool. Here's the correct ceiling fan direction to know. → Read More