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Past articles by Marie-Claire:

Why we need to talk about the ethnicity pay gap

Let’s talk about black girl finance and why it matters…That is the premise behind financial coaching platform Black Girl Finance, set up by sales account executive Selina Flavius in 2019. → Read More

I used a lot of my savings when I lost my job in lockdown. Now I've found a new role, how do I start over to save for a flat?

Tania* is 23 and lives with her parents in London. After losing her HR job in the first lockdown, she used up a lot of her savings – now she has another job she wants to start saving to buy property. Here's her money month. → Read More

The millennial's guide to post-lockdown financial planning and investment

Financial experts share their top tips and advice for millennials post-lockdown including money-saving tips, investment ideas and best savings accounts to open → Read More

Here's how to ask for a promotion in 2021, according to an expert (and it's actually not that scary)

If you're after a promotion at work in 2021, careers expert Niamh O'Keeffe shares her top tips in approaching your boss for a promotion and how to negotiate → Read More

I'm the most Christmassy person you’ll ever meet so here's your ultimate guide to feeling festive (even after the shi*test year)

I am the most Christmassy person you’ll ever meet. I own over six Christmas jumpers, I have dozens of festive playlists, a box of Christmas decorations that would require a storage facility. → Read More

Everything I learnt from freezing my eggs at 35 that I need you to know

Journalist and author Sophia Money-Coutts, 35, decided to freeze her eggs at the tail end of 2019. Here's everything she learn... → Read More

Is loneliness the last mental health taboo?

in 2020, loneliness has become a fundamental issue, as we are siloed away from friends and family members, as many of us are working from home alone, as single people are left without any recourse - their chances of meeting someone made actually illegal. → Read More

Zoom Christmasers, The Lockdown-Love First Timers or Festive Smugsolators: What's your Christmas 2020 personality?

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house, was antic-bac, panic and Grandpa on mute. → Read More

Why we really need to talk about young people and grief

Meet two amazing charities here to support young grieving families. → Read More

Millennial parents share the vital childcare lessons they learnt in lockdown (and they could be super useful for you)

Millennial parents share their lockdown lessons with us as "many parents have struggled with the social isolation that lockdown has brought,” says Elizabeth Duff, senior policy advisor of NCT. → Read More

WTF is Angel Investing (and should you be doing it to boost your finances?)

We ask the experts exactly what Angel Investing is - and if it's a good idea. We break down exactly what you need to know. → Read More

I have £4k in savings and have just become a student again at 28. I feel left behind with my finances, how do I catch up?

Maya*, 28 is a former charity worker who just moved from London to Cornwall to do a full-time MA. She has £4k in savings, but her earnings have taken a big hit and she worries she's being left behind financially. → Read More

Do you have a Bully Boss? Here's how to handle it...

We asked the experts what to do if your boss is bullying you in the workplace, and how to handle it. → Read More

I'm a visual merchandiser taking home £1,448 a month on furlough, but I worry Covid has made my career worthless. What do I do now?

Sarah*, 35, is a visual merchandiser living in Manchester. She's on furlough for the second time and worries Covid has made her career redundant, but is working on a social media side hustle. Here's her money month. → Read More

The idea of having a baby fills me with an absolute, vice-like dread... because I'm a feminist

"Throughout my life, ever since my earliest memory, I have never even spared a single, solitary thought on the idea that I was in any way unequal to a man," One writer on why having kids terrifies the ultimate proof of gender inequality. → Read More

Why Biden's win and news of a vaccine has reminded us what hope feels like... but do we even know how to process it anymore and should we even try?

After a year like this, good news and excitement was in short supply. So, do we even know what to do with hope anymore? → Read More

The re-energised raver, baller bride or NuAdult: What's YOUR post-pandemic personality?

All measures have been eased, everything is open. You emerge, blinking, into the sunshine, you remove your mask, you wonder….who TF am I now? Chances are, you’re one of these… → Read More

Why we're all about to fall in love with the new First Lady, Jill Biden

Who is Jill Biden? Come January 20 2021, America will also have a new First Lady: Jill Biden. So, what do we know about her? Here's your ultimate guide → Read More

Why Trump is the ultimate conspiracy theorist and narcissist whose perception of his place in the world is so absolute that he cannot conceive of losing

Yesterday, President Donald Trump told the White House briefing room that he was winning. He is not. → Read More

Zoomonger or The One Who Gives No F***s? What's your Lockdown 2.0 personality type?

What lockdown personality type are you? Lockdown's back, back again; but are we older and wiser this time? Or have we hit Pandemic Fatigue...Here we go again → Read More