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Recent articles by Wesley:

Canadian Children’s Activity Book Indoctrinates Kids into Euthanasia

The euthanasia agenda is gut-wrenching, morally destructive, and wrong, and it has the potential to seriously impact the emotional well-being of children. → Read More

U.K. Transgender Clinic to Close after Damning Report: ‘Not Safe’ for Children

Meanwhile, the Biden administration promotes experimental ‘gender-affirming’ care for children. → Read More

Two Fathers Sue Because Surrogate Gave Birth to a Daughter

A gay married couple is suing a fertility clinic and a fertility specialist because, though they specified that they wanted two boys, they received a girl. → Read More

Suicide Contagion

Recent studies suggest that in places where assisted suicide is legal, both assisted suicides and unassisted suicides increase. → Read More

Did Fauci and Collins Receive Royalty Payments from Drug Companies?

It’s time for Fauci and Collins to answer some pointed questions in open hearings. → Read More

India State High Court Rules That Nature Is a ‘Living Being’ with ‘Rights’

When the nature-rights movement becomes part of the international climate-change agenda, we can kiss our prosperity goodbye. → Read More

Transhumanist Theorist Calls the AI-Unenhanced ‘Useless People’

Alarmingly, transhumanist values are being embraced at the highest strata of society, including in Big Tech, in universities, and among the Davos crowd of globalist would-be technocrats. → Read More

HHS: Castrations/Mastectomies Okay for Transgender Minors

President Biden's HHS has gone all-in on radical transgender ideology, encouraging early body-changing medical interventions as "gender-affirming" care. → Read More

The Impossibility of Christian Transhumanism

The transhumanist worldview and the Christian faith are incompatible. → Read More

‘Healthy’ American Sisters Die at Swiss Suicide Clinic

Assisted-suicide legalization eventually leads to death on demand. → Read More

Maryland Bill Effectively Decriminalizes Neglecting Newborns to Death

A Maryland bill would mean that a baby who survived an abortion could be allowed to die without care, and no investigation could be pursued nor legal penalty applied. → Read More

Bioethicist: Transgender Children Should Decide Whether to Transition

A column argues that children should be able to decide whether to obtain gender-transition interventions — even if they are too immature to make meaningful decisions. → Read More

Please Do Not Watch the Olympics

If the Games are widely watched, it will prove to Chinese leaders that the West speaks loudly about human rights but carries a limp stick. → Read More

Defending Catholic Healthcare

Religious freedom in the healthcare context is under concerted attack by the political left and liberal politicians. The crisis time for religious pluralism in the United States is fast approaching. → Read More

George Will Pushes the Hemlock

The usually factually fastidious columnist has made a highly misleading case for physician-assisted suicide. → Read More

Hospital Loses ‘Futile Care’ Attempt to Force Covid Patient Off Life Support

A Minnesota hospital recently tried to remove a Covid patient named Scott Quiner from a ventilator over the objections of his wife. → Read More

New York Department of Health Announces Discriminatory Policy on Covid Therapeutics Access

The New York Department of Health announced that access to some Covid therapeutics will be partly based on consideration of race or ethnicity as a risk factor. → Read More

Medical Journal: Allow Adolescents to Consent When Parents Decline to Get Them Vaccinated

A medical journal article argues that children age 12 to 17 should be allowed to consent when their parents decline to get them vaccinated. → Read More

Ezekiel Emanuel Wants Vaccine Refusers Denied Unemployment Benefits

Some states have passed laws allowing workers who are fired for refusing to be vaccinated to receive unemployment benefits. That has the authoritarian Left in an uproar. One such angry activist, unsurprisingly, is President Biden bioethics adviser Ezekiel Emanuel. → Read More

Legislator Drops Health Emergency Extrajudicial Detention Bill

Bill A-416 in the New York Legislature, which would permit the detention of people with communicable diseases once a health emergency was declared by the governor, has been scrapped. → Read More