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Recent articles by Christa:

A Core Strength Workout for Beginners That Will Teach You How to Fire Up Your Abs

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This Core Workout for Runners Will Build Strength to Help Your Miles on the Road Feel Way Easier

In order to run your best and prevent injury, a core workout for runners, which hits yours abs, obliques, glutes, and lower back, is a great workout addition. → Read More

A 15-Minute Upper-Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

If you're short on time and don't have any equipment, this 15-minute upper-body workout will work your chest, shoulders, back, and core using just your bodyweight. → Read More

A Full-Body Cardio Workout With Zero Jumping That'll Still Make You Sweat

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This Glutes Finisher Works Every Muscle in Your Butt—And Is Super Quick and Efficient

This glutes finisher works your entire butt, including your gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus and minimus—your hip abductors which make up your side butt. → Read More

This Upper-Body Cardio Workout Will Hit Your Shoulders, Chest, and Back—And Make You Sweat

By combining traditional strength training moves with intense work-rest programming, you get cardio and muscle endurance in this upper-body cardio workout. → Read More

A 20-Minute Core Workout With Full-Body Moves That Will Sneakily Smoke Your Abs

This 20-minute core workout is not just about typical "abs moves." You'll perform compound movements that will work your entire body and challenge your core. → Read More

A Lower-Body Workout With No Equipment That’s Simple But Will Smoke Your Legs and Butt

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A Quick Shoulder Workout That Will Blast Your Entire Upper Body in Just 10 Minutes

Workouts can be short and effective. This quick shoulder workout hits every part of your deltoids while strengthening surrounding stabilizing muscles. → Read More

Tamyra Mensah-Stock Becomes the First Black Woman to Win Wrestling Olympic Gold

Team USA’s Tamyra Mensah-Stock made Olympic history when her first-place finish in wrestling made her the first Black woman to win gold in the sport. → Read More

Gymnast Jade Carey Rebounds to Win Floor Gold One Day After Disappointment on Vault

After a tough outing on the vault, Jade Carey came back strong on the floor event, finishing first and taking home her first Olympic medal. → Read More

This Upper Body Circuit Workout Uses Just a Resistance Band to Smoke Your Shoulders, Back, and Arms

If you're looking for routine you can do anywhere, this upper body circuit workout is a must-try—all you need is a resistance band. → Read More

Gymnast Oksana Chusovitina Vaults to Standing Ovation in 8th-and-Final Olympic Games

Legendary gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, who represents Uzbekistan, competed in her final Olympic Games at Tokyo and received admiration from her competitors. → Read More

A Yoga Core Workout for When You Need Some Gentle Morning Movement

This morning yoga core workout uses gentle poses and movements to increase mobility, activate your core muscles, and wake up your entire body for your day. → Read More

My Bedtime Routine: Sue Bird on How Fiancée Megan Rapinoe Saved Her Skin

Sue Bird shares her bedtime routine, including how she preps her body to recover stronger—and the skin care she uses along the way. → Read More

This Quick Core Workout Might Be Your New Favorite Finisher—And It Includes Just Three Moves

This quick core workout is excellent on its own or added to the end of your favorite workout. Bonus: It's only three moves and 10 minutes. → Read More

12 Plank Exercises That Will Fire Up Your Entire Core

Planks are basic, but they don't have to be boring. These plank exercises show that there are tons of variations to the core move to make any workout more fun. → Read More

This Push-Pull Workout Will Hit Your Chest, Back, and Legs to Build Strength All Over Your Body

A push-pull workout helps build balanced strength by working the front of your body (chest and shoulders) and your back, as well as your leg muscles. → Read More