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Past articles by Katherine:

Some States Forging Ahead With Emissions Reduction Plans, Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Not all states are suspending work on the Clean Power Plan despite the Supreme Court's bombshell decision on Tuesday to put a temporary hold on the tight new rules that are at the heart of the Obama administration's climate policies. → Read More

Climate Data Now Key to Disaster Preparedness, First Responders Say

Climate change—and the extreme weather associated with it—is changing the way U.S. emergency response organizations operate, from how they spend their money to where they pre-position resources, a panel of military, emergency and climate science experts said Monday. → Read More

Congress Actually Dealt with Climate Change in the 2016 Budget Bill. Really.

President Obama's plan to safeguard the nation from increasing flood risk due to climate change was quietly green-lighted by Congress last month in the 2016 omnibus budget bill. → Read More

2016: The Politics of Climate Unlikely to Change

In 2016, Americans will go to the polls to elect a new president, 34 senators, 435 representatives and 12 governors, not to mention countless state and local leaders. And despite this happening during what many scientists believe will be the hottest year on record and the stakes for the planet growing ever higher, climate change won't crack the list of top political issues. → Read More

As Climate Change Imperils Winter, the Ski Industry Frets

The typical scene at New England ski resorts over Christmas vacation—madhouses filled with students as young as 2 or 3 packing onto bunny hills while parents head to higher elevations for their first runs of the season—has been replaced by a sobering reminder that climate change is already taking a bite out of winter. → Read More

2015: The Year the Weather Took a Particularly Wild Ride

From heat waves to cyclones, flooding to drought, 2015 proved to be a wild year for extreme weather across the globe. → Read More

A Quickly-Warming Arctic Is the Climate’s Early-Warning System

The Arctic has warmed more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit since 2000 because of human-driven climate change, scientists announced Tuesday. This has caused drastic declines in sea ice, marine animals and vegetation, and threatened the overall health and viability of the world's northernmost ecosystem. → Read More

Organizers Announce Details of Ban-Defying Rally in Paris on Saturday

23595277331_2578a12546_h.jpg A rally featuring red lines will be staged in Paris on Saturday, defying a local ban. Credit: Emma Cassidy/Survival Media Agency More than 10,000 people are expected to gather in Paris tomorrow—the same day the United Nations climate treaty is set to be finalized—in support of aggressive international action on global warming, organizers said Friday. By… → Read More

Climate Denial's Ugly Side: Scientists' Hate Mail

As delegates from 195 countries work diligently in Paris to hash out an international deal to tackle climate change, their work relies on the huge consensus of climate science that shows the world is headed for a dangerous future if greenhouse gas emissions are not curtailed. But back home in the United States, historically the biggest carbon emitter of all, climate science gets a much rockier… → Read More

What's Behind India's Crackdown on Social Justice & Climate Activists?

India has recently ramped up attacks on environmental and development organizations that work on climate, clean energy and sustainability issues. The world’s largest democracy has frozen bank accounts, restricted international donations, and in some cases prevented the organizations’ staffers from traveling abroad. → Read More

Trudeau Victory Ushers in Prospect of New Climate Era in Canada

After a stunning upset in Canada's parliamentary election Monday, the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Stephen Harper lost control of the government to the Liberal Party and its leader Justin Trudeau, a 43-year-old former schoolteacher and the son of longtime prime minister Pierre Trudeau. → Read More

Reaction Comes Quickly to Draft Treaty Text

greenpeace huddle.jpg Greenpeace workers huddle to read the latest climate draft text in Paris. Credit: Greenpeace via Twitter Within minutes of its release Thursday evening, environmentalists, delegates and journalists were huddled over copies of the latest draft version of the international climate treaty to come out of Paris, quickly analyzing what had changed, what still needed to be done,… → Read More

Climate Talks: What's at Stake for the World's Species

Editor's Note: This infographic is part of the ICN "What's at Stake" series highlighting the key impacts associated with climate change. See also What's at Stake for the World's Coasts. → Read More

Corporate Giants Commit to Emissions Targets Based on Science

More than 100 companies, including some of the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers, pledged Tuesday to reduce their CO2 emissions down to a level that scientists say is necessary to support the global movement to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius—the threshold after which climate impacts are expected to be calamitous. → Read More

Bernie Sanders’ Climate Plan: Huge Emissions Cuts, Emphasis on Environmental Justice

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders released a climate and energy plan on Monday, calling for the U.S. to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. → Read More

Ranking Congresswoman Defends NOAA Scientists From 'Witch Hunt'

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson delivered a blistering critique of a Republican campaign to discredit the work of federal climate scientists, branding the effort "hyper-aggressive oversight," a "fishing expedition" and an "ideological crusade." The months-long probe of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers is being led by Texas Republican Lamar Smith, chair of the House science… → Read More

350,000 Sign Petition Asking for Federal Probe of Exxon

Environmental leaders will deliver a petition with more than 350,000 signatures to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Thursday afternoon calling on her to launch an investigation into whether ExxonMobil misled the American public on global warming. → Read More

Paris Climate March Is Canceled Over Security Concerns

All marches and rallies set to coincide with United Nations climate treaty talks in Paris have been canceled due to heightened security concerns following terrorist attacks that killed 129 people and injured 350 more, French police told environmental and activist groups Wednesday afternoon. Environmental leaders had been expecting some 200,000 people in Paris for a march on Nov. 29, the day… → Read More

Science Museums Cutting Financial Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry

A handful of science and natural history museums across the globe announced in recent weeks they are cutting ties with the fossil fuel industry, limiting their sponsorship and donations and culling oil and gas stocks from their investment portfolios. → Read More

Climate Activists Vow to Demonstrate During Paris Talks

Climate change talks will proceed as scheduled in Paris following terrorist attacks that killed 129 people and injured 350 last Friday. The fate of dozens of marches, civil disobedience actions, concerts and art events organized to coincide with the United Nations meeting at the end of this month, however, remain up in the air. → Read More