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Recent articles by Seamus:

Age of Viking settlement revealed using trees and astrophysics

The Vikings reached North America long before Columbus’ enslavement and brutalization of the Americas’ Indigenous population, the Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, was discovered six decades ago. Though many of the settlement’s structures have been recreated, as accurately as dig site evidence and historical research could allow, the settlement's date has been difficult… → Read More

Bat-owning this Batmobile will cost you a whole lot of bat-bucks

You might not be able to watch The Batman: a gritty reboot of the gritty reboot that was prompted by a gritty reboot of the campy reboot of the Adam West reboot of a 1943 theatrical serial starring… → Read More

$17,000 worth of girl guide cookies donated to charity

While you're busy using your annual haul of Girl Guide cookies to raise your blood sugar, the Girl Guides use the coin you tossed their way to ensure that kids, who might not have the opportunity to do so otherwise, can do cool things like go to summer camp, hang out in a safe place… → Read More

Michael Caine is done with this whole acting thing—kind of

The Man Who Would Be King. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The Muppets Christmas Carol. Zulu, Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and The Cider House Rules. Not one of these films would be what they … → Read More

From Canada? Want to go to the U.S.A.? Better have the right vaccine

The last couple of years have been hard on Canadian Snowbirds. Many of us, myself included, are used to heading south in the fall, to escape the icy bullshit of a Canadian winter. Unfortunately, thanks to COVID-19, a lot of us have been trapped, north of the wall, since March 2020. I've been fine with this. When… → Read More

The best pinto bean recipe is from Texas

Between my work/writing schedule and my partner’s returning to school, cooking dinner is no longer a daily occurrence. We’re all about pan meals, roasts, Instant Pot oatmeal and sandwic… → Read More

You can finish these crime novels in a single day

I was once told by an English teacher that long books are strong books. It kind of smacked of bullshit, It tastes like a mouthful of it now. Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with a good, long read. I needed to pack a month’s worth of provisions to climb to the top of… → Read More

So, who's down for the second Season of The Witcther?

Apparently, between my day job and writing a novel, I have managed to live in a cave, far from the realm of fandom and the geeky stuff that I love. Netflix is set to drop the second season of The Witcher on December 17th. As I generally steer clear of YouTube unless I'm looking… → Read More

The reMarkable Tablet is moving to a subscription service model

The reMarkable tablet now offers three different subscription tiers. → Read More

Paddy Moloney, founding member of The Chieftains, has passed away.

Paddy Maloney, who over a span of decades has entertained hundreds of thousands with his wit, warmth and talent, has passed away at 83 years of age. One of the founding members of The Chieftains, Paddy, along with his band mates not only returned traditional Irish music to popularity in the Republic of Ireland, he… → Read More

Midweek Music: Little Maggie – Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have a new record that’s on the cusp of being released. I’m excited! But in the meantime, Plant’s back catalog has more than enough meat to keep me … → Read More

My Life on the Road: Metrics and Mindfulness

The campground we wintered at here on Vancouver Island was flat. You want that, when you’re dealing with larger RVs and fifth wheel trailers. What might seem a gentle grade to someone in a car or a 20-foot long motor home can tear the front or ass end right out of a larger rig, like… → Read More

My Life on the Road: Losing it

I’ve worked from where ever I've called home, for the past eleven years. In my old career, I worked in close contact with the public during Ontario’s SARS outbreak in the early 2000s. Later that same decade, I was charged with creating a business continuity plan for a large private security company as the threat… → Read More

A toast to frozen margaritas: 50 years young

My hands-down, favorite drink of all time is a zombie. Unfortunately, precious few bars that I've run across in my travels stock all of the hooch required to make one. Fewer still are the bartenders who can recall how to make one—it's an old alcoholic's drink from a bygone era that, given the amount of… → Read More

The Best Tablets of 2021

We tested the best tablets from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, and more so you can find your perfect mobile companion for work and play. → Read More

Threat Level Midnight is a go

Golden Face is back. This time, it’s personal. → Read More

Civ VI's Gathering Storm expansion is now available on iOS

I already purchased Civilization VI’s The Gathering Storm expansion for my Mac, becasue of course I did. There’s not a lot of games that my 2015 13″ MacBook Pro Retina can play th… → Read More

There's a new iOS update out but maybe wait before installing it

I love what iOS 13 has brought to my iPhone’s party. I’m not attached, however, to how frigging buggy it’s been. More than once, I’ve been left waiting while waiting to rece… → Read More

There's a galaxy-sized security hole in Samsung's S10 smartphone

Let me break it to you as gently as possible: If you dot your tapping swiping and scrolling on a Samsung Galaxy S10, your handset’s security is currently a joke. According to TechCrunch, an S… → Read More

Video: sea critters chow down on the carcass of a young whale

Who doesn’t love a free meal? From Nautilus Live: During the final dive of this year’s Nautilus expedition season, our team discovered a whale fall while exploring Davidson Seamount off centr… → Read More