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4 Steps Toward Making and DistributingYour Independent Film

You know all those things that filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors bemoan about here on Stage 32? Can’t raise the finances to make a movie. Can’t get distribution. Can’t get a break. And not… → Read More

Want to write horror screenplays that slay? Avoid these 3 killer mistakes!

Writing a script is challenging in many ways. After you overcome the stress of facing the first draft review and all the reviews after that and then you see the job done it is, without a doubt, a… → Read More

Want to Become a Working Actor? Follow These 5 Tips!

I decided to get into film and TV later in life. I was more than ten years “behind,” compared to the people who moved to L.A. at 18. Needless to say when I finally decided to become an actress, I had… → Read More

I Booked Over 100 Commercials as an Actor. You Can Too. Here’s How!

My name is David Banks and I’ve booked over 100 national commercials. Recently, I was a featured guest at Film Con LA and was asked how it’s seemed so easy for me to book spot after spot and what’s… → Read More

Make the jump from short films to features. Here’s how.

I first began putting short films online in 2002, very shortly after graduating high school. It was a simpler time, before YouTube existed and individual, low-quality mpg or wmv files had to be… → Read More

Want to find success in the film industry? Be a professional!

“I’m the guy that does his job. You must be the other guy.” — Mark Wahlberg playing Dignam is The Departed. → Read More

8 Moves I Made to Secure My First Paid Screenwriting Gig!

We’ve all read those “14,962 Things You Should Do to Become a Successful Screenwriter” lists before, right? Well, halfway through this article, I’m going to give you a slightly different kind of… → Read More

6 Rules to Assure Your First Feature Film is a Success!

There are about 34,000 films made every year worldwide. And that number is growing. Why are so many films being made these days? Well, one reason is that since the dawn of the digital revolution… → Read More

Want Creative Success? Here’s 4 Ways to Make Your Own Luck!

Keeping yourself prepared is one significant way to make sure that luck is on your side. → Read More

Want Success? Stop Listening to the Hollywood Narrative!

Is it just me, or does it feel like Hollywood is set up to make you fail? → Read More

Want Creative Success? Stop Listening to the Hollywood Narrative!

Is it just me, or does it feel like Hollywood is set up to make you fail? → Read More

7 Checkpoints to Cover Your Own Screenplay (Be honest!)

Congratulations! You’ve finished your latest script. Weeks, months, even years scribbling away in a notebook and banging away on a keyboard have paid off. So what’s next? Script coverage is a… → Read More

5 reasons all content creators need to attend a film or television festival

“I’m not good enough to attend a film or television festival. → Read More

Give to live — How film creatives can find success by paying it forward

We see posts here on Stage 32 and elsewhere posing the age-old question of how critical it is to live in LA to be a successful screenwriter/filmmaker and the usual replies are that it is probably… → Read More

How to Make a Microbudget Feature in 8 Days! – –

Movies aren’t made with money. They are made with equipment, with artists, with technicians etc. Money is a key resource, but it is something that motivates and facilitates. It is not the movie… → Read More

9 Things to Consider When Shooting 360 Video and VR

Since I dove into the world of 360 spherical video and VR, I’ve heard a wide range of opinions related to the future of this branch of visual entertainment. “It’s the future!” or “It’s a fad.… → Read More

No Excuses! Finish Your Book! – –

For the last 30 years I have been writing poetry, lyrics and songs, yielding some great achievements along the way, mostly with my songs, but I have had two poems published in the past and have… → Read More

5 Steps to a Successful Film Marketing Campaign – –

Independent filmmakers, the most important rules of marketing are start early and keep focused on your target audience and how to monetize those consumers. Marketing is a very important element in… → Read More

10 Common Actor Mistakes to Avoid – –

Having been a full-time writer-director/producer for the past 15 years and having taught my twice-monthly ‘So You Want To Be An Actor’ Workshops for the past seven, I’m often asked by young — and in… → Read More

3 Networking Tips to Get Producers to Choose YOU! – –

I just got back from five wonderful days in Vermont at ITVFest where I came away with so many wonderful nuggets of information. I met some great new people while improving my writing in the colorful… → Read More