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Recent articles by Jerry:

Jerry Zezima (opinion): There are 3 sides to my musical story

Columnist Jerry Zezima reflects on his musical debut (and finale) on stage. → Read More

Jerry Zezima: Music to my years

When I think of the legendary concerts in music history - the Beatles at Shea Stadium in New York City; Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and other rock giants at → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The grapes of laughs

With apologies to Elvis Presley, who is not taking requests these days, I’m a hunk of burning love, not only for my wife, Sue, who doesn’t alwa → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The cold facts about ice cream

As a journalist, I have always enjoyed getting a scoop. As an ice cream fan, I recently got a scoop that turned out to have a chilling effect:It’s ha → Read More

Jerry Zezima: An open and shut case

When one door closes, goes a new version of an old saying, the other one won’t open.For many years, that described the twin doors of my two-car garag → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The sound of joking

At the risk of plagiarizing William Shakespeare, whose relatives can’t take me to court because he wanted to kill all the lawyers, I implore friends, → Read More

Jerry Zezima: Our potholes are out of this world

Space - the one between my ears - is the final frontier. Or at least I thought so before I took a voyage in the car ship Zezima. My mission: to see an emin → Read More

Jerry Zezima: Getting carded at the wine bar

You don’t have to be clairvoyant - or even Clair Voyant, who was in my class in grade school - to know the two reasons why I am not a tarot card read → Read More

Jerry Zezima: These folks are good medicine

I have never been an ambulance chaser - mainly because I can’t run that fast - but if the producers of “Chicago Fire” are looking for a s → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The rise and fall of a real klutz

Being a grandfather has put a bounce in my step - frequently followed by a stubbed toe - but I really got a jump on fun when my granddaughters invited me t → Read More

Jerry Zezima: Diary of a silly grandfather

If I have learned one thing as a father and a grandfather, aside from the important fact that maturity is best left to young people, it’s that kids g → Read More

Opinion: If these walls could talk, they’d laugh at painters

Hunorist Jerry Zezima hunts for a colorblind paint store salesman. → Read More

Jerry Zezima: Paint misbehavin’

As a guy who is off the wall, I like to give the brushoff to stuff that goes on the wall.By that I mean paint. And, even worse, the process that goes into → Read More

Jerry Zezima: Hooked on crocheting

Ever since I could talk, which led to the invention of earplugs, I have been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes by spinning yarns. Now I am using → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The big stuff theory

I’ve always considered myself top drawer, but the sad fact is I’m bottom drawer, too. And it’s all because my drawers are stuffed with dr → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The big stuff theory

I’ve always considered myself top drawer, but the sad fact is I’m bottom drawer, too. And it’s all because my drawers are stuffed with dr → Read More

Jerry Zezima: A grave situation

If I have learned anything in my 68 years on this globe — aside from the fact that life is too short for light beer — it is this:The older you → Read More

Jerry Zezima: Portrait of the artist as a family guy

As a husband, father and grandfather, which puts me at the bottom of the family pecking order, I have a lot in common with Brian Crane, the Reuben Award-wi → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The dance of the dunce

If I were in a dancing competition, I would never experience the thrill of victory, but I sure would know the agony of the feet.Unless, of course, the judg → Read More

Jerry Zezima: The vinyl answer about the fab floor

This old man, he is dumb, he played knickknack with some rum.The geezer in question is, naturally, yours truly. And I am floored to tell you that in order → Read More