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Past articles by Eric:

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Self-efficacy is distinct from self-esteem and confidence, otherwise, I promise I’d be writing a post on self-esteem and confidence. → Read More

New neuroscience reveals 5 secrets that will make you emotionally intelligent

We’re perpetually squashing feelings and playing roles everywhere. It’s only 2 minutes into a rant that you realize you’re angry. → Read More

This is how to change someone's mind: 6 secrets from research

If you are unwilling to give any serious consideration to this possibility, that’s a big red flag. Nobody thinks they’re the problem. → Read More

This is the fun way to easily improve your life, backed by research

First, let’s learn the neuroscience of why we laugh. Why are funny things funny? What’s going on in your brain that makes you giggle so hard you snort? → Read More

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You can be the kind of person who really feels and appreciates the good in life. The kind of person who has deep focus and attentional control. → Read More

This is how to master your intuition: 4 research-backed secrets

Intuition is the patterns you notice in your field of expertise. When you see a particular set of cues, you recognize that this is an X, not a Y. → Read More

This is the best way to motivate yourself to exercise: 4 proven secrets

When you exercise it boosts BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which helps you learn faster. How much faster? As much as 20%. → Read More

This is how to resist distraction: 4 secrets to remarkable focus

We’re all so afraid of being bored that we run to any distraction. But when we engage with the world and focus on our goals, we’re never bored. → Read More

5 questions that will make you emotionally strong

Don’t wait around for something negative to develop emotional strength. Practice some now and see how happy it can make you. → Read More

7 surprising books that will make your life better

I’m going to recommend books that are helpful in navigating this lovely mess called life. Books on career, relationships or happiness have to wait. → Read More

This is how to rewire your brain for happiness: 4 secrets from research

Time to play prosecutor. If we’re going to let this thought determine our happiness, it better have a lot of evidence behind it that will stand up in court. → Read More

3 proven rituals that will make you motivated

Research shows lack of motivation is at a record high. Today more than 50% of American workers feel disengaged at their jobs. → Read More

5 ways to win with passive-aggressive people

Passive-aggressive people will drive you crazy. Here's what experts recommend you do to win with these types and be more successful. → Read More

This is how to overcome bullies at work: 7 expert secrets

"The way to win is to do something unexpected that will jolt Bullies out of their familiar, primitive pattern and make them think about what’s going on." → Read More

The secret to always being at your best, according to samurai

What did so many of history’s greatest samurai stress as key to success and optimal performance? Being calm. Here's their secret to how to achieve it. → Read More

How to make your relationship amazing: 6 secrets from the top marriage researcher

And that’s what the research shows; troubled relationships shouldn’t lead with problem-solving. Positive feeling must come first. → Read More