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Recent articles by Corinne:

Teaching kids how to create a safe space, one downward dog at a time

In a world that can often feel out of control, People's Yoga aims to teach kids how to create a safe place of their own through mindfulness and meditation. → Read More

This COVID-19 tracker changed how we saw the pandemic. Its creator fears it won't be useful much longer

The creator of the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard has won the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award for changing the way we view the pandemic. → Read More

Newsom vetoes bill aimed at preventing light pollution

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has vetoed a bill aimed at reducing light pollution, citing concerns about costs. → Read More

Experimental COVID-19 vaccine may outsmart future coronavirus variants

An experimental COVID-19 vaccine aims to get ahead of new variants by priming the immune system to recognize a stable part of the coronavirus. → Read More

CDC endorses booster shots that target Omicron for Americans 12 and up

The U.S. will replace most of its COVID-19 booster shots with updated versions that target the dominant Omicron strains, the CDC said Thursday. → Read More

What pet owners should know about monkeypox

A major concern scientists have about monkeypox is that it will cross over from humans to other animals species, making it much harder to contain. → Read More

L.A. paleontologists take on a dinosaur dig

In southeastern Utah, I trailed a team of paleontologists from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County as they worked to unearth prehistory. → Read More

Woman drives through playground, plunges into the water in Newport Beach

A woman suspected of driving under the influence drove through a playground and into Newport Bay on Friday night, police and local media reported. → Read More

Bones, sweat and years: What it takes to dig up a dinosaur

This summer a team of paleontologists piled into trucks in Los Angeles and set out for scorching southern Utah to collect a stegosaurus fossil. → Read More

Scientists’ big monkeypox fear: It will spread to wild animals and be here to stay

The longer the monkeypox outbreak drags on, the more likely the virus will spread to wild animals. If that happens we’ll never be rid of it. → Read More

McKinney fire has hit the stratosphere, spewing the 'fire-breathing dragon of clouds'

A deadly combination of intense heat, parched vegetation and dry conditions has turned the 55,000-acre McKinney fire in the Klamath National Forest into its own force of nature. The culprit: human-caused climate change. → Read More

Coronavirus Today: Experts are taking a softer stance on masking; it's a different pandemic

Masks (if used properly) are as effective as they've ever been, but the value of widespread masking just isn’t what it used to be. → Read More

New studies say Wuhan market is the only 'plausible' source of COVID-19 pandemic

Two new studies build on evidence that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 jumped to humans in a Wuhan market, and did so twice. → Read More

USC researchers identify symptoms associated with increased risk for long COVID

A new study offers insight into the prevalence of long COVID and suggests who might be more likely to develop the condition. → Read More

First image from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope reveals thousands of galaxies in stunning detail

NASA reveals the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope, it’s $10-billion successor to Hubble. → Read More

Multipronged vaccine protects against COVID virus family members — even some still in hiding

Researchers at Caltech have developed a vaccine designed to neutralize multiple coronaviruses at the same time. → Read More

Rampant wildfires once led to global mass extinction, scientist say. Can it happen again?

Accelerating wildfires played a key role in the Great Dying by destroying ecosystems too quickly for plant and animal species to adapt. → Read More

California wildfires caused by humans are more dangerous than fires sparked by lightning

In California, wildfires caused by humans grow faster and become hotter than wildfires sparked by lightning, the studies show. → Read More

Being ‘fully vaccinated’ but not boosted won't stop Omicron

People who had only two initial doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine fared no better against Omicron than those who were unvaccinated, new study finds. → Read More

Is it a bird? A plane? NASA will study mysterious objects in the sky

NASA is embarking on a new study on unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs — the term scientists use instead of UFOs. → Read More