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Past articles by Clive:

Will King Charles Really Keep His Mouth Shut During Britain’s Economic Crisis?

In previous times of hardship, the queen was an emollient head of state, and an embodiment of wartime “keep calm and carry on” national spirit. Charles has none of that appeal. → Read More

Flying to Europe This Summer Could Be Hell. Here’s How to Make It Better

The airlines won’t tell you, but now, more than ever, the most important decision you take for your well-being is not the choice of seat but the choice of airplane. → Read More

The Stakes for Boeing’s Second Starliner Space Mission Are Astronomical

The company desperately needs a win when it tries again on Thursday to send Starliner to the International Space Station. Here’s how it came to this. → Read More

How an Unearthed Black Box Could Crack the Boeing 737 Plane Crash Mystery

Chinese authorities could be close to working out why a Boeing 737-800 crashed, killing all 132 people on board. → Read More

Why Prince Charles Is Keeping His Buckingham Palace Plans Secret

The queen plans to live the rest of her life at Windsor Castle. In the reign of King Charles III, even if he and Camilla live at Buckingham Palace, expect to see it transformed. → Read More

Boris Johnson Hung Out to Dry by the Very People Who Taught Him How to Drink on the Job

Boris Johnson spent decades perfecting the art of the boozy work lunch while he was a journalist. Now his former colleagues at the newspapers have turned on him. → Read More

Why Did the Queen Take So Long to Call Time on Prince Andrew?

Why did the Queen put up with Andrew’s sleaze for so long? After all, his record as a priapic grifter has been clear for more than two decades. → Read More

Air Taxis Will Turn All of America Into Flyover Country

The rich aren’t waiting for crap infrastructure to get fixed—they’re busy building their own in the skies. → Read More

How Elon Musk Walloped Jeff Bezos in the Billionaire Space Race

Money gets you into space, but it can’t buy success up there. → Read More

With Lilibet and Archie, Harry and Meghan Aim to Break the Cycle of Painful Royal Parenting

British royal dynasties have been messing up child rearing for more than a thousand years. Harry and Meghan are determined to do things differently with Archie and Lilibet. → Read More

Branson Grows Old While Bezos Takes Over Space Travel

But both Bezos and Branson run the risk of being upstaged at the end of this year by a 38-year-old billionaire who made his fortune with a payment processing system. → Read More

Even as a Corpse, Prince Philip Has to Take Second Place to the Queen

Until the queen dies, Philip will be interred among 24 other corpses in the Royal Vault, a gloomy and cavernous burial chamber beneath St. George’s Chapel within Windsor Castle. → Read More

Lachlan Murdoch Is Even More of a Right-Wing Ultra Than His Old Man

The future of Fox News looks a lot like its malignant past. → Read More

Airlines Want to Pack You in—Just as COVID-19 Spikes

As new cases surge in Sun Belt states, so do airline flights as bargain seat prices fuel a summer boom. → Read More

In This Time of Coronavirus ‘War,’ I Really Miss Winston Churchill

What does it take to face the Apocalypse? We are now learning something important about what we need and who has to provide it. But are we up to it? → Read More

The Airlines Are Saved. So When Should You Start Booking Flights Again?

Industry analysts say that 90 percent of North American flight will be back by Christmas, as the new rescue package puts the workers first. → Read More

Don’t Give the Airlines the Money Without Stopping Their Greed

Before the billions start flowing to the airlines, as they will, we need to make sure that two things happen. → Read More

Coronavirus Is the Biggest Catastrophe for the Airlines Since 9/11

As airlines announce wave upon wave of cancellations, many wonder just how long they can survive. → Read More

Inside the Living Hell of London in the Plague Year

Daniel Defoe’s remarkable “eye-witness” chronicle is as harrowing and meaningful today as it was when it was written. → Read More

What We Know About the Conditions Kobe Bryant’s Chopper Was Flying In

Humidity in the area reached 100 percent, indicating a fog dense enough to severely limit a pilot’s visibility. → Read More