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Recent articles by Aparna:

Are Most People Actually Working Two Or Three Jobs? Not Really.

A tendency among policymakers to overstate the extent of the problem can be counterproductive and misleading, diverting discussion away from more salient issues. → Read More


Cheers to the first bipartisan bill on paid parental leave

Given the political divide on what constitutes a perfect policy when it comes to constructing a federal paid leave policy, it makes sense to start with small wins and some compromises. I view the introduction of the bipartisan Cassidy-Sinema bill as a small win and a great first step. → Read More


Paid family leave: A discussion with Sen. Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA)

Join AEI as Sen. Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), outlines his ideas on a path forward on paid family leave, followed by an expert panel discussion. → Read More


How much revenue would the 70 percent tax rate on millionaires raise? It depends.

What happens if we put Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to the test, incorporating behavioral responses in our revenue estimations? The simple answer is that a 70 percent tax on income over $10 million generates less revenue when accounting for a behavioral response greater than zero. Much less revenue, in fact. → Read More

Amazon trades short-term costs for long-term goodwill with wage hike

It’s a short-term hike in costs that coincides with a profitable season, but those expenses will disappear once workers are let go. → Read More

A path forward on paid family leave

Bringing conservative and liberal voices together is the way to make paid leave a reality for America. → Read More

A path forward on paid family leave

Bringing conservative and liberal voices together is the way to make paid leave a reality for America. → Read More

America needs workforce with technology skills for the future

The White House recently hosted a technology summit to discuss the potential challenges and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence (AI). While AI has been successful in delivering benefits to people in healthcare, food delivery, energy and transportation, there exists widespread concern that AI will make several types of jobs obsolete, including in traditionally high skilled sectors like… → Read More

Has our economy fully recovered from depths of Great Recession?

The U.S. labor market has slowly but steadily recovered since the end of the Great Recession in 2009. → Read More

When it comes to American families, the spending bill got two things right

Our policymakers enhanced efforts to tackle the opioid crisis and increased funding for child care. → Read More

A gas tax hike is worth considering

It would help the country reach our environment goals while providing revenue for infrastructure funding. → Read More

For conservatives, Social Security could be key for paid leave reform

The White House has reintroduced a paid parental leave proposal in the 2019 budget. President Trump proposed six weeks of paid parental leave run through state unemployment insurance systems. → Read More

Time to give paid leave to the American workers who need it

A federal paid leave policy could support the needs of millions of working parents who lack access it. → Read More

Income inequality isn't as bad as you may think

If we truly care about capturing household well-being, consumption may be a better measure of standards of living. → Read More


Don't Worry, Wage Gains Should Be Just Around the Corner

Although wage growth remained slow in 2017, the labor market continued to tighten, with particular strength from full-time employment, large firms and high-wage industries like mining and logging. If current trends continue, wage gains should be just around the corner. → Read More

The GOP tax plan is worth the risk

It may spur upward economic mobility for American families through more jobs and higher wages. → Read More


It's Not Fake News. Corporate Tax Reform Can Deliver Higher Paychecks to Households

Higher taxes drive capital investments away from the U.S., reducing workers’ productivity and wages. A well-designed corporate tax reform could substantially boost household income. → Read More


D.C.’s paid leave law needs improvement

It’s good that the District is pursuing paid leave reform and that the council is exploring ways to make the law better, but we think a more modest approach should be considered until we have more information about how it is working and what it will cost. → Read More


Analyzing the link between corporate taxes, investment, and GDP

Given that corporate tax reform feels more likely now than ever before in our careers, we would like to share an approach that anyone can use to generate reasonable estimates of how economy-wide investment and GDP would respond to corporate tax changes. → Read More


AEI Tax Brief: The Child Tax Credit vs. the Earned Income Tax Credit

Using the open-source Tax-Calculator, we present the distributional impacts of doubling the child tax credit or expanding the EITC, holding constant the total cost. We find that the benefits of the EITC expansion would be more concentrated among low-income households. → Read More