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Salt Lake City, UT, United States

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Recent articles by George:

George Pyle: The senator in the iron mask

Data had his Lore. Samantha had her Serena. Jeannie had her, well, Jeannie’s sister. President George H.W. Bush’s evil twin, in Doonesbury, was named Skippy. → Read More

George Pyle: A pandemic doesn’t care what you believe

Mike Lee says, “There is no ‘pandemic’ exception to constitutionally protected rights.” → Read More

George Pyle: News of a death in the news family

I am at that awkward age where I am relatively handy with social media and use it mostly to find out who among my friends and former colleagues has died. → Read More

George Pyle: The best election is conducted entirely by post

“The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post.” → Read More

George Pyle: He’s not the messiah. He’s a very naughty boy.

The death Tuesday of Terry Jones — the actor, writer, director and scholar best known as member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus — brought to mind a few bits of wisdom that apply to our current unpleasantness. → Read More

George Pyle: Utah gets its censorship exactly backwards

“Those who are easily offended need to be offended more often.” → Read More

George Pyle: Those without power are going to act up

The Salt Lake City Police Department, under the current chief and the one before, was among the many local constabularies across the country that was very public about its humane and practical (amazing how often those are the same thing) decision to stay out of the immigration wars. → Read More

George Pyle: ‘Deaths by despair’ due to a sick system, not sick people

“Dear Lord, please don’t let me f--- up.” (Alan Shepard, first American in space, May 5, 1961) “The Right Stuff,” Tom Wolfe’s amazing book about the early days of the U.S. space program, is about the pilots who were brave enough to have themselves launched into space atop experimental rockets, every piece of which, in Shepard’s words, was built by the lowest bidder. Outside the fame of the… → Read More

George Pyle: They are people and they are here

“They are people, and they are here. If there’s any other requirement, I haven’t heard it.” → Read More

George Pyle: Ignorance porn on display in Utah

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” → Read More

George Pyle: Bishop’s idea of education is an unreal Platonic ideal

The kind of school that Rob Bishop says we should have — that we could have if we told the federal government, the Utah Legislature and even the local school boards to, as he says, go to hell — actually sounds like it could work very well. → Read More

George Pyle: Yes, you will be replaced. Be happy about it.

A wise old friend of mine used to say that there were two kinds of parents in the world. → Read More

George Pyle: Tribune commentary pages gain some new (old) friends

Say hello to some new friends. → Read More

George Pyle: Maybe Utah offers a refuge for real Republicans

So, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert last week received a lifetime achievement award from Governor’s Refugee Services Advisory Board. A board he created and whose members he appointed. → Read More

George Pyle: The real public health emergency is delusional thinking

Sixth-graders are talking about their willingness to “go down fighting” against the next psychopath who attacks their school with a weapon of war. → Read More

George Pyle: Utah Republicans may know the cost, but not the value, of moving away from a carbon economy

“What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” → Read More

George Pyle: Don’t pick on my Cousin Gomer

“How can you watch that stupid show?” I asked my father, in great pre-teen exasperation. → Read More

George Pyle: Hickenlooper sets an example for America. Or, at least, for Utah.

Democratic politicians from all over are looking at the Oval Oaf and thinking, sometimes out loud, “Hey. How hard can it be?” → Read More

George Pyle: Three newspaper publishers I’m glad I don’t work for

In about four decades in the newspaper dodge, I’ve worked for editors (in charge of the news-gathering operation) and publishers (who run the whole shooting match) who were old, young, male, female, conservative, liberal, loud, quiet, tall and dark, short and fair, anchored to their communities, just passing through, who ran their newspapers from a typewriter or from an adding machine. → Read More

George Pyle: Utah’s not that weird. (Medicaid edition)

Some Utahns take pride, and others are appalled, depending on the issue, at the thought that politics here is somehow just really strange. → Read More