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Past articles by Narjas:

The English alphabet used to be 32 letters long

We can mark the passage of time and the changing nature of a society through the development of our many languages. The English language is spoken by millions of people across the world, but it wasn't always as uniform as it is today. There are six letters that have been rendered obsolete. H... → Read More

24 creepy Wikipedia pages that will keep you awake at night

Halloween is right around the corner. And in the spirit of all things spooky, macabre and the downright strange, we've delved deep into the chasms of Wikipedia to unearth some of the creepiest entries on there.Wikipedia these entries at your own discretion, some of these are NSFW and all of them wil... → Read More

7 ways that climate change will drastically change the way we live

We're just a week removed from the hottest heatwave the UK has ever experienced with temperatures exceeding 40c in some parts of the country leading to devastating wildfires. Parts of Europe also saw their highest temperature records not only beaten but completely obliterated.Not that the subject sh... → Read More

The 11 worst airports according to flight attendants

Airports can be hell on earth for a traveller, especially with delays.What you may not have considered, tutting into your crossword, is the logistical nightmare an airport can pose for a flight crew or air traffic controllers.Travellers recently asked flight attendants and pilots on reddit which air... → Read More

The secret messages hidden in 30 logos

Logos are obviously designed with great care, not just in order to look good, but to convey as much information as they can about the product or service they represent. Many of them have hidden meanings.Sign up to our new free Indy100 weekly newsletterIf you're more visually literate, apologies if s... → Read More

What it's like to have male to female gender reassignment surgery

Despite transgender women like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox bringing the trans topic to the mainstream not much is known about the actual process of transitioning.That's why Breena Kerr founded Truth Speak Project, a website that allows trans people to candidly talk about physical aspects of their... → Read More

5 reasons why St George would have hated the current state of England

People across the world are celebrating Saint George, who has become a symbol of English nationalism in the UK - which is ironic, given that he wasn't even English.Brits will be taking to the streets wrapped in white and red flags, painting their faces with the colours of England and some, celebrati... → Read More

The English alphabet used to be 32 letters long

We can mark the passage of time and the changing nature of a society through the development of our many languages. The English language is spoken by millions of people across the world, but it wasn't always as uniform as it is today. There are six letters that have been rendered obsolete. H... → Read More

These colourised photos from 100 years ago will take your breath away

It's difficult to imagine what the world was like 100 years ago but fortunately colourist Tom Marshall is here to help.Writing on Bored Panda, he explained that his favourite photographer was Lewis Hine, who documented child poverty in America and whose work as a sociologist eventually led to the ch... → Read More

Here is the world's shortest IQ test, made up of just three questions

Professional and DIY IQ tests are popular because they offer a formula that allows you to compare yourself to other people and see how average (or above average) your intelligence is.The Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) is dubbed the world’s shortest IQ test because it consists of just three question... → Read More

The awkward moment cheaters get busted via text

Discovering that you’re being cheated on can be a horribly scarring event. As these people found out, possibly the worst way of learning the news is when your significant other accidentally sends you a message meant for their man or woman on the side. Sign up to our new free Indy100 weekly newslette... → Read More

This woman shared two photos of her stomach to make an important point

Sometimes it's difficult to wade through those perfectly set up selfies on the beach which make you look down at your own cellulite-ridden thighs and protruding stomach with a particularly strong sense of judgement.Fitness blogger Tiffany Brien wants you to stop doing that, and posted the following ... → Read More

Woman complains about 'disappointing' £1,300 engagement ring and gets destroyed

Funny stories about brides and grooms seem to be the flavour of the week. There have been stories of weddings gone wrong, brides and grooms being too demanding, and weddings you'd have to spend your entire monthly salary on - despite not being the one getting married. And now, another bride story ha... → Read More

A terrifying list of Boris Johnson quotes everyone should read

Boris Johnson's tenure as Prime Minister of the UK has been mired in controversy and recent comments made about Jimmy Saville during PMQs towards Keir Starmer have been widely criticised. Not only that, but past questionable comments have also come back to haunt the PM.Johnson's slow and incredibly ... → Read More

48 words that Americans say wrong

There are a number of theories that try to explain the reason Brits and Americans speak English so differently.As the American colonies gained their independence from Great Britain and became the US, they grew and integrated into different cultures. So, Americans and the Brits developed linguistic d... → Read More

Viral clip of Ian Hislop shutting down Priti Patel resurfaces amid football racism row

Priti Patel has had a very eventful tenure as Home Secretary so far. → Read More

This Black woman used the perfect analogy to explain white privilege

Privilege. → Read More

7 of the most awful moments from Sex and the City that all fans will want to forget

News that Sex and the City is coming back for a reboot has sparked heated debate among fans and detractors of the series, which aired what we all thought was its final episode in 2004. → Read More

9 white supremacist symbols that if you don't know yet, you should

The events in Washington DC yesterday, which saw a pro-Trump rioting in an attempt to protest the election results, have horrified the world. The insurrection was led by a number of factions, many of whom – such as QAnon and the Proud Boys – are associated with far-right and white supremacist ideology. A number of flags and symbols were also present, including the Confederate flag and the… → Read More

Police arrested this man because his Christmas lights were just too offensive

Before we had the cursed year of 2020, we had 2016, a year so bad many people thought it could never be topped. → Read More