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Berkeley, CA, United States

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Past articles by Carol:

How To Keep Your Virtual Team From Tuning Out

For many leaders, conducting meetings online is familiar and comfortable. For others (like me) it's a challenge. → Read More

What Happens To Human Connection In A Hybrid Future?

As we look ahead to a workplace mix of virtual and physical interactions, how do we create meaningful human connection in this hybrid future? → Read More

Don’t Let Physical Distancing Become Social Distancing

As we increase our efforts to keep our distance from one another, we may be increasing another health threat. → Read More

3 ways women can escape the imposter syndrome trap

Ask yourself: Are the executives in your company aware of your talents and job performance? If not, you need to increase your visibility. → Read More

How leadership presence is different for women

But here’s the rub. Leadership presence doesn’t automatically come with your education, your talent for innovation, or your business results. → Read More

Use this improvisation technique to build collaboration

Collaborative leaders create environments where everyone on their team feels they can speak up without fear of rejection or ridicule. → Read More

8 Ways Leaders Foster Collaboration

Collaboration has moved from a “nice to have” organizational philosophy to the “must have” business strategy that leaders around the world are addressing. Here's what they're doing . . . → Read More

Leadership presence for women: is it really any different?

The question I get most often is, “Why focus on women?” My answer is, as they say in the commercial, “Because we’re worth it!” → Read More

The first step to retaining poise under pressure

Learning to unlink a trigger event from this self-defeating reaction is the first step in retaining your poise under pressure. Here’s how to do that. → Read More

How To Project Leadership Presence In A Virtual Environment

A different set of skills is required for projecting leadership presence when communicating virtually. → Read More

The Body Language Of Collaborative Leaders

Today's potential threats are to our ego, our self-esteem, our identity. We are especially vulnerable in our desire to be included, to feel valued, to belong. This is why collaborative leaders need to be aware of their body language. → Read More

Tips for women heading to the executive suite

You might be surprised to find that leadership presence is not an attribute automatically assigned to an executive because of their business results. → Read More

How leaders project charisma

In business dealings, charisma counts. A lot. charisma is as much about body language and impression management as it is about issues and substance. → Read More

3 crucial skills for leading without authority

In contrast to control-minded leaders of the past, today’s most effective leaders are exercising a different kind of power. This new style of leadership is a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that form the basis of a leader’s ability to impact, influence, and inspire others. → Read More

Reading body language at work: 5 mistakes you don’t want to make

No matter what the culture at your workplace, the ability to read nonverbal signals can provide significant advantages for the way you deal with people. You can start to gain those advantages by avoiding these five common mistakes. → Read More

How to spot a liar at work

Most workplace lies are discovered after the fact — after you’ve signed the faulty contract, hired the wrong person, or agreed to work on that career-limiting project. But wouldn’t it be a great professional advantage to spot liars in action, before the harm was done? → Read More

I instantly knew I couldn't trust you: How and why I was wrong

It took me only seven seconds to assess your confidence, competence, status, likability, warmth, and, yes, your trustworthiness. I felt you were untrustworthy for five reasons — none of which had anything to do with your actual trustworthiness. → Read More

7 tips for inspiring collaboration

It’s not just corporate profits that suffer when collaboration is low: The workforce loses something too. → Read More

10 tips to supercharge your success

Can success be accelerated? It absolutely can ... if you follow these tips. → Read More

5 ways you can come off untrustworthy in less than 10 seconds

Knowing whom to trust is an important social and business skill. It takes only seven seconds to assess someone's confidence, competence, status, likeability, warmth, and trustworthiness. Here's how to come across well, and quickly. → Read More