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New Jersey, United States

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Past articles by Gary:

UFO and UFO.

Identified trends in the unidentified flying objects saga. → Read More

Where to Get the Vaccine against Left-Wing Anti-Semitism?

President Trump was expelled from Twitter and Facebook. However, the head of Hamas, the head of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority, and the president of Iran were not denied use. They still publicly express their hatred of both... → Read More

Godwin’s Law in The Third-and-a-half Reich

One of the most invoked pearls of wisdom of the Internet era, Godwin's Law, states that in any discussion, regardless → Read More

The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters

Who chooses the President of the United States? This question is by no means rhetorical. For example, the mass disinformation media has chosen Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. Many people liked this news, but I must disappoint the... → Read More

The Russian Origins of Black Neo-Marxism

“White” does not mean white. “White” in radical parlance means anyone of any race, creed, nationality, color, sex, or sexual preference who embraces capitalism, free markets, limited government, and American traditiona... → Read More

Trump Is Masterfully Using Democrats' Opposition against Them

It took the American mass disinformation media and the socialists Democrats three years of Trump's presidency to finally develop a coherent policy of confronting Trump. This policy is very primitive: everything that Trump does is denied, rejec... → Read More

Dr. Strangesсhiff, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Impeachment

Who could have guessed that the words of Soviet secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria to Joseph Stalin, "Show me the man, and I will show you the crime," would be strangely embodied in American politics and jurisprudence in the 21st century? Moreover, according to Dr. Strangesсhiff — congressman, chairman, and commissar — these wonderful words have recently found their way into the U.S.… → Read More

Trump impeachment situation in Washington is, in the language of poker, a bluff

The Democrats have only weak cards in their hand. They actually have nothing against Trump. → Read More

Buridan's Jackass: Why Democrats Can't Make Up Their Minds on Impeachment

Democrats are eager to impeach president Trump, yet at the same time, they are eager to avoid such impeachment. They cannot make a rational decision. → Read More

When Will World War II Finally Be Over?

WWII officially ended in the 40's. But the battle has never ceased. In the Islamic World, fascism still struggles for power against those that oppose it. → Read More

How to Evaluate the Deal of the Century?

Can Donald Trump save the Middle East? → Read More

The Left's weaponization of everything

Now that they've weaponized the banking industry, the weasels of leftism are close to exhausting their weaponization abilities. → Read More

Trump's Strategy in the China Trade War

Perhaps we are witnessing a grand miscalculation on the part of the Chinese. → Read More

Left-Wing Ideology: A Cult, a Religion, or Science?

Leftists' behavior is utterly illogical to a degree one might call unscientific. → Read More

The Right's Self-inflicted Political Wounds

Those who try to fight the Left are destroying themselves with the very language they use. → Read More

The financial collapse of the Democratic mayors

New data on the financial condition of America's largest cities paints a bleak picture. → Read More

The Trump Dossier and the Poisoning of Sergei Skripal

What is missing in the Skripal poisoning case, apparently, is the motive. But here it is. → Read More

The bright side of the Moon

Private companies are doing great things in space. No government intervention necessary. → Read More

Political Incompetence and Questionable Science

The charlatan methods of American leftists have led to a new phase of American socialism: the phase of schizo-socialism. → Read More

Trump Should Just Let the Democrats Self-Destruct

It seems that in January 2019, someone pressed a switch and turned off the brains of the Democrats. → Read More