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Recent articles by Bob:

What sleazy deal did Trump make with Erdogan? We don't know — but the mind reels

Trump's abandonment of the Syrian Kurds makes no sense — unless he cut a deal with Turkey's autocratic president → Read More

Mystery wrapped in nasty: If there's a Senate trial ahead, what evil will Mitch do?

McConnell now says he'll have to hold an impeachment trial. Is he preparing to throw Trump under the bus? → Read More

Watch out for Bill Barr: Trump's new fixer will work his black magic on Ukraine scandal

Trump's attorney general made the Mueller report disappear. He'll do his damnedest to save his boss, and sink Biden → Read More

Time to hit Trump on his so-called strength: The fading economy

Democratic candidates have veered away from direct attacks on Trump. That's a big mistake — he's getting weaker. → Read More

Time for the 2020 candidates to go after Trump on his supposed strength: the failing economy

Democratic candidates have veered away from direct attacks on Trump. That's a big mistake — he's getting weaker → Read More

Trump keeps trying to find a Biden scandal in Ukraine — but he can't even get that right

Trump and his henchmen have eagerly dug for a Biden scandal in Ukraine. Now it's coming back around to bite them → Read More

How do we recover from the surreal nightmare of this presidency? It will take some work

After Greenland and let's-nuke-the-weather, Donald Trump has been almost fully normalized. That must be undone → Read More

Trump's outrageous claims of voter fraud have a clear goal: Refusing to accept defeat in 2020

There is no voter fraud; no one's ever found any. But Trump is sowing fears he can use to undermine the 2020 vote → Read More

Trump is driving us toward a big recession: It will be ghastly — but is it deliberate?

A 2008-style crash may not be far away. It could even be worse — and once again, Republican delusions are to blame → Read More

America's recurring doomsday is by design: Gun culture is now part of our DNA

How the fight against Big Tobacco provides a roadmap to stop the killing sprees → Read More

What "Moscow Mitch" wants: An election overrun by trolls and plunged into chaos

Russian hackers invaded all 50 states. Trump and McConnell want it to continue. The media ponders "who wins" → Read More

NeverTrumpers, let's talk: We want your help, but so far your advice sucks

There's room for the NeverTrump contingent. But if their advice is "Stop being Democrats," that ain't working → Read More

Trump's attack on Obamacare goes critical: Surprisingly, it's built on enormous lies

Trump's followers will high-five each other if the Affordable Care Act goes down. But probably not for long → Read More

Trump's Chuck Todd interview: Right and wrong have come permanently unstuck in America

Chuck Todd's terrible interview with our fabricator-in-chief snapped the tether: From here on out there's no truth → Read More

Trump's "no collusion" lie is finally falling apart — but will Americans actually notice?

Trump claims he read the Mueller report. He didn't. If he had, he'd know it's full of bad news for his presidency → Read More

Trump's First Amendment: Regulate YouTube, but never coal mines!

Trump threatens YouTube with regulation for banning fascists. But the coal industry can do whatever it wants → Read More

Democrats: It's time to step up and own your positions. Warren and Gillibrand are leading the way

No more apologies, no more compromises. Warren's Pride march and Gillibrand's Fox appearance are shining examples → Read More

In America, we all have sovereignty over our own bodies. Except for pregnant women, it turns out

Only one category of human being is subject to government regulation, according to Republicans. You get one guess → Read More

Shocker: Trump and Barr refuse to defend ban on female genital mutilation

New low for the Trump administration: The Justice Department won't defend a federal ban on the mutilation of girls → Read More

Trump's plan to destroy Joe Biden is almost here — and it could get really ugly

Joe and Hunter Biden's Ukraine problems are likely no big deal — but that's not how Trump and the Red Hats see it → Read More