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Recent articles by Bob:

Can Bernie win? Absolutely — and I don't even support him

Cable news has gone full Debbie Downer on Bernie's prospects in November. That's utter nonsense, and here's why → Read More

Did Trump try to bribe Julian Assange with a pardon? Well, he won't be impeached over it

Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder say Trump offered a pardon for his silence, using Dana Rohrabacher as go-between → Read More

How should Democrats fight back against Trump's billion-dollar "Death Star"?

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale has built a $1 billion disinformation machine. Here's how to beat it → Read More

Trump will be acquitted, of course: What in God's name will he do next?

Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell have done their worst. Only the voters can stop the Mad King from full power → Read More

Can John Bolton's revelations convince Republicans, at long last, to call Trump's bluff?

At least some Republicans are worried about the future. Will the Bolton bombshell offer them a lifeline? → Read More

No one weeps for the talls, I get it: But in air travel's legroom wars, we suffer

Are we "humans of height" demanding special treatment? No! But it'd be nice not to get penalized for our genetics → Read More

What civil liberties? Kentucky's medieval abortion law amounts to state-sanctioned rape

Abortion horror show gets worse: Supreme Court lets stand bizarre Kentucky law, and choice is on the critical list → Read More

Russian trolls are back for the 2020 election — and they won't be easy to spot

A new study of Russian "active measures" against democracy makes clear the next campaign will be more sophisticated → Read More

Trump's still pushing the CrowdStrike conspiracy theory: But why, and where did it come from?

Republicans are probably just pretending to believe's Trump's crazy 2016 conspiracy theory. But that's no excuse → Read More

Send in the clowns: Impeachment is serious stuff, but GOP wants a circus

Expect Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes to go full goofball. Adam Schiff and the Democrats will have none of it → Read More

His dark materials: Trump's war on truth gets sicker, and more dangerous

No, the Virginia governor didn't "execute a baby." If Trump's legions really believe this stuff, we're in trouble → Read More

So we're supposed to treat Donald Trump with respect, after all this? Oh, hell no

Cable-news talking heads still treat Trump's utterances seriously, and behave as if he merits respect. Oh, please! → Read More

Donald Trump's big short: Is the president profiting off the market chaos he creates?

There's a pattern of strange "chaos trades" tied to Trump's "trade war" blurts. It could be epic corruption → Read More

Donald Trump is the weakest incumbent president in decades: If Democrats don't screw this up

Of course Democrats can't get cocky. But the whole Trump enterprise is coming unglued as a massive delusion → Read More

What sleazy deal did Trump make with Erdogan? We don't know — but the mind reels

Trump's abandonment of the Syrian Kurds makes no sense — unless he cut a deal with Turkey's autocratic president → Read More

Mystery wrapped in nasty: If there's a Senate trial ahead, what evil will Mitch do?

McConnell now says he'll have to hold an impeachment trial. Is he preparing to throw Trump under the bus? → Read More

Watch out for Bill Barr: Trump's new fixer will work his black magic on Ukraine scandal

Trump's attorney general made the Mueller report disappear. He'll do his damnedest to save his boss, and sink Biden → Read More

Time to hit Trump on his so-called strength: The fading economy

Democratic candidates have veered away from direct attacks on Trump. That's a big mistake — he's getting weaker. → Read More

Time for the 2020 candidates to go after Trump on his supposed strength: the failing economy

Democratic candidates have veered away from direct attacks on Trump. That's a big mistake — he's getting weaker → Read More

Trump keeps trying to find a Biden scandal in Ukraine — but he can't even get that right

Trump and his henchmen have eagerly dug for a Biden scandal in Ukraine. Now it's coming back around to bite them → Read More