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Recent articles by Bob:

The Mad King Trump is fueling our national nervous breakdown

Normally, I wouldn't be at all concerned about a professional tabloid weirdo like Kanye West running for president. Today, however, I'm actually quite concerned, and not because I think Kanye is likely to win or even fumble his way onto enough ballots to make a dent. He won't. For now. The proble → Read More

America's nervous breakdown: For white folks who love Trump, a descent into madness

Trump's fans had a choice: They could reject his toxic nonsense or completely lose their sh*t. They chose B → Read More

So much for the "Death Star": After Tulsa and West Point, wheels are coming off Trump campaign

After the epic disaster in Tulsa and his nonsensical battle with John Bolton, Trump may have no way to save himself → Read More

A brief history of the "Lost Cause": Why this toxic myth still appeals to so many white Americans

Racist myth-making conquered American history — and white people's minds — for far too long. Time to face the facts → Read More

All the president's garbagemen: Has Trump finally lit a dumpster fire his enablers can't put out?

Trump's presidency couldn't survive without his clean-up crew—and these latest messes might be too massive to fix → Read More

Donald Trump's chaos and cruelty set the tone for the nation — and here we are

With a deranged, racist reactionary in the White House, it's almost surprising this explosion took so long → Read More

The Obamagate scam: Bill Barr just admitted there's no there there. That won't stop Trump

It's Ukraine all over again: Trump doesn't care if the charges stick — he just wants the appearance of wrongdoing → Read More

Incompetence is contagious: The White House is infected — and that tells you everything

Donald Trump is such a failure he can't keep his own workplace free of the coronavirus. Why does anyone trust him? → Read More

Dr. Trump's crazypants new plan: A fast reopen, lots more death and he wins anyway

Everything Trump does is about trying to win the election. But his new plan is cruel and stupid — and won't work → Read More

Stay home or reopen? We can avoid Trump's fake choice with a big, bold stimulus

Trump and the Republicans are offering only bad choices. Thinking big can beat the virus and save the economy → Read More

Donald Trump's weird tales: His call to "liberate Virginia" is even worse than you think

Trump's call to "liberate Virginia" from gun safety echoes one of the craziest, nastiest lies of his presidency → Read More

Donald Trump's scapegoat hunt: Blame China, blame Fauci, blame the governors

Trump has a list of villains to blame for his criminal incompetence. But only his cult members are still listening → Read More

Dr. Trump's medicine show: Why is he pushing an unproven drug? Follow the money

Is it paranoid to suspect that Trump is working a side hustle here? No, because that's basically all he's got → Read More

Trump sets a terrifying new standard for his ‘success’ in fighting the pandemic – A

The only thing more stunningly dumb than the willingness of Donald Trump's disciples to die for the sake of their cult leader's approval poll numbers is the fact that Trump, this past weekend, established a new and terrifying benchmark for "success" in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. During a pre → Read More

Donald Trump's murder math: Any death toll under 2 million is a "very good job"

Trump's gruesome new pandemic pivot would be ludicrous — if his followers weren't so ready to swallow the poison → Read More

Trump's "wartime president" shtick is ghastly — and it could totally work

Trump has found his 2020 strategy — posing as a real president on TV. Once again, cable news is his biggest ally → Read More

GOP Groundhog Day: Why do we keep electing Republicans? They're no good at this

If you're starting to get that special "George W. Bush feeling," you're not alone. Will America learn its lesson? → Read More

The presidency is an actual job: This idiot can't do it

Have we forgotten that being president isn't about posturing and tweeting? Without competent leaders, we're toast → Read More

Biden vs. Bernie: If it's down to a two-man race after Super Tuesday, how do we decide?

We're almost certainly down to two choices and a drawn-out battle — and whoever wins must be elected president → Read More

Can Bernie win? Absolutely — and I don't even support him

Cable news has gone full Debbie Downer on Bernie's prospects in November. That's utter nonsense, and here's why → Read More