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Recent articles by Dan:

Savage Love: Sexless relationship means it’s time to break up

Nov 25, 2020 - When one partner’s insecurities about their appearance are amplified by the other’s total lack of attraction to them—and sex is absent—say “bye-bye”. → Read More

Should I spam the creep who’s sexually harassing my friend?

Think before unleashing an army of “Scam Likely” calls on a pervert. → Read More

When everything in a relationship works but the sex

"If he’s too insecure to have sex with you, then he’s not in good enough working order to be in a sexually exclusive relationship." → Read More

Will this math equation get me laid?

What it feels like to have sex with a half-empty grocery store bag → Read More

Savage Love: Kinksters shouldn’t dump traditional dating apps

Nov 18, 2020 - Plus, end the drama in long-distance relationship; feel free to organize your very first hundredsome. → Read More

What's the best way to find a kinky life partner?

"You shouldn’t be put off when someone you meet on KinkD wants to talk about their kinks… If you posted ads on Farmers Only or Christian Cafe, your first chats would likely revolve around the price of corn or the exact moment you sold your soul to Donald Trump." → Read More

Savage Love: Add it up

I've always been excited by BDSM, but I've only minimally explored this side of myself until very recently. I'm a straight woman, and it was difficult to find men who wanted more monogamish relationships on the traditional apps and a challenge to be honest about what I'm looking for where kink is concerned. → Read More

Savage Love: Why foursomes are so hard to arrange

Dan explains why people don't talk about foursomes as much as threesomes and has advice for a woman freaked out by the prospect of ass play → Read More

What’s more taboo: voting for Trump or foursomes?

Maybe you have family in swing states, maybe you’re just looking to swing → Read More

Savage Love: Foursomes aren’t taboo, just trickier to arrange

Nov 11, 2020 - MFF threesomes might be a common male sexual fantasy, but newly out bisexual women also arrange a large percentage of them. → Read More

This week in Savage Love: Four play

Not only are threesomes an extremely common sexual fantasy. for both men and women—according to research, roughly one-in-five people have participated in at least one threesome. → Read More

Grandpa should take his roaring libido to the dating apps

Fellas, is it gay to let an old man rub your feet in a hot tub? → Read More

Savage Love: Sex-obsessed senior needs to be looking online

Nov 4, 2020 - An older letter writer knows that when women smile at him nowadays, it’s not because they are expressing desire or looking for any hot action. → Read More

This week in Savage Love: Old times

What explains the sudden surge in libido experienced by some seniors? → Read More

Don’t let the patriarchal gaze kill your kink

There’s nothing wrong with objectifying someone who wants to be objectified by you. → Read More

Savage Love: Extremely jealous girl needs to dump boyfriend before she gets jilted

Oct 28, 2020 - Dan doesn't have a lot of time for women who show up at their partner's workplace and cause a huge scene. → Read More

This week in Savage Love: Jealous typologies

"While some people can be open with their partners about their pasts and their partners can be open with them, it’s not compulsory. And if someone wants to try and make it work with an extremely jealous person, it’s not a good idea." → Read More

I’m thinking of ending things

Better a trusty vibrator than an unworthy Trump voter. → Read More

Savage Love: Don't give up

Q: I'd like to love and be loved by another man, but I'd hate having sex with him. → Read More

How does a fella score some sweet cock on this military base?

I'm bisexual man who works on a military base with so many hot men. But how the hell do I even get a quick cock… → Read More