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Past articles by John:

School discipline in steady decline

Classroom discipline is falling apart and has been for some time. What can be done? → Read More

Public education myths and facts

As regards nearly every public policy topic these days, myths abound, but few mythologies rival that of public education. Here's a sampling. → Read More

'Parenting' is on its way out, child-rearing is coming back

There is “parenting” and then there is bringing up, rearing or raising children. The difference is night and day; so are the outcomes. → Read More

Kids need freedom, responsibility more than attention

Children need attention, but like most things that begin as needs (e.g. water and food), the giving of attention can become detrimental, even toxic. → Read More

Stop micromanaging every aspect of your children's lives| Rosemond

With rare exception, today’s moms personalize everything — and I do mean everything — that happens to their children or that their children do. → Read More

Not every childhood emotion is worthy of serious discussion

The answer to “How do you feel about that?” is, apparently, more important than the answer to “What is the right and proper thing to do about that?” → Read More

Brits having trouble separating feelings from facts

Perhaps Brexit has something to do with it, but the Brits seem to be having difficulty separating feelings from facts these days. → Read More

Research proves it — traditional parenting works better

The fact is, children need unequivocal authority as much as they do unconditional love. → Read More

One reason why marriages go bad: postnatal marital amnesia

Avoiding marital problems by taking refuge in relationship with a child or children is cowardly, dishonest and immature. → Read More

Simple solutions for teens, tantrums and smartphones

One teen demands instant parental permission; another brags about fake exploits online. John Rosemond has recommendations. → Read More

Talking things through with kids has diminishing returns

Our 9-year-old daughter recently announced to us that she doesn’t like school, doesn’t want to go and doesn’t want to do the work. Any suggestions? → Read More

Public schools in decline thanks to discipline fads

Over time, teachers slowly but surely have been stripped of permission to punish. → Read More

Work on strong marriage, not micromanaging kids

Put relationship first and discipline will be difficult and stressful, and often lead to regretful outbursts from parents. → Read More

Why would you ask for the kid's side of the story?

Why would you ask for the kid's side of the story? → Read More

Make the 'Godfather' offer with your teen – take away the smartphone

"I mean that’s her whole social life … it’s, well, it’s her whole world.” Precisely. → Read More

Spanking isn't necessary, but shouldn't be forbidden: Rosemond

On the subject of spanking, the best research says that spanking, in and of itself, is not the harmful thing the mental health community has claimed. → Read More

Potty training by 24 months used to be the norm: Rosemond

Teaching a toddler to use the toilet is not rocket science. It is in fact no different than teaching a child to feed himself. → Read More

Obvious flaws in the child-centered approach to parenting: Rosemond

Over the past two generations, parent-child co-dependency has become, slowly but surely, the norm. → Read More

Stop sending daughter to your ex's house: Rosemond

I had to read your question three times to make sure I was understanding correctly that the man with whom you are exchanging children is not your daughter’s father. → Read More

Deterioration of classroom decorum: Rosemond

Has the rate of verbal and emotional abuse by teachers increased over the past 50 years, or has the definition of such abuse has been dumbed down? → Read More