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Past articles by Hugo:

Stranger Things review — the strangest thing is that this spooky series only gets better

Also reviewed: Lucy Worsley Investigates; Prehistoric Planet → Read More

My Week: Priti Patel*

Big cabinet meeting to discuss our approach to Ukraine. Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss and Ben Wallace tell us about the sanctions and the guns. Then somebody asks how I’m getting on with refugees → Read More

Ozark, Netflix review — a show that never quite loses its cool, and that’s the problem

Also reviewed: Keeping Up With the Aristocrats; The Puppet Master → Read More

After Life review — it’s David Brent playing a ballad, but this time not even for laughs

After LifeNetflixRules of the GameBBC1Couples TherapyBBC2Ricky Gervais’s After Life is a conundrum. Viewers love it and critics can’t figure out why at all. Wha → Read More

Could Boris Johnson save Earth from an asteroid?

It’s an insane question but also a timely one, so let’s bite the bullet and ask it. If a massive asteroid was heading towards planet Earth, and humankind had six months to do something about it, is Boris Johnson the man you’d want in charge? Granted, you might not think it would matter terribly much → Read More

Will we go back to the office? Don’t bet on it

Looking back, I was probably jogging when it first clicked. My usual route takes me through the woods near our house, one of those semi-secret London wildnernesses linked to parks by graffiti-blasted → Read More

Stop whining about Brexit and save the UK

I spent the 2014 Scottish independence referendum looking for a Unionism that I recognised and only found it right at the very end. She was outside a polling station, she was young and had blue hair → Read More

It’s a Sin review — living young, free and under the shadow of Aids in the 1980s

It’s a Sin(Channel 4)Finding Alice(ITV)The Investigation(BBC Two)Lupin(Netflix)Writing, Russell T Davies once said in an interview, is a process of disappointment. I loved that, but I have looked → Read More

We can’t regulate our way out of online anarchy

Me and Donald Trump, we have a lot in common. For I, too, have been banned from Twitter, albeit not recently. It was a couple of years ago, after I’d had an argument with a white supremacist and told → Read More

What happened in 2020: from Megxit and Brexit to Covid and elections

Boris Johnson I’m sorry, but I just don’t remember that far back. Did anything important happen?Donald Trump Impeachment. Such an ugly word. And I was innocent! Bigly innocent. Has anybody ever gone → Read More

Tech giants aren’t selling, they’re buying you

What’s in it for them? This is the question. Last week, Google’s Deepmind announced a scientific breakthrough. As you’ll know, it had used artificial intelligence to . . . do something. Perhaps you → Read More

Topshop’s turmoil is a sign of changing times

Whenever I go into that big flagship Topshop in London, which admittedly I haven’t done for a while, I’m transported back to the late 1990s. Tony Blair was new, the Spice Girls weren’t old, and Oxford → Read More

We can’t take our eyes off Trump and Farage

If we ignore people, will they disappear? It’s not a new question. There are those who fervently believe, for example, that Brexit only happened because the BBC let Nigel Farage go on Question Time → Read More

All the mistakes you shouldn't make on holiday

Wish you weren’t here? For the undiscerning traveller, a trip abroad is all too often a one-way ticket to sunburn, boredom and booze-soaked regret, says GQ’s (very) rough guide → Read More

How to overcome your fear of public speaking

Hugo Rifkind on getting over your stage fright and embracing public speaking → Read More

Saga of the Sussexes is all rather pathetic

There’s just not enough there. This is royalty’s big problem. There is a swirling maelstrom of duty, and familial rifts, and hats, and writs, and gossip, and more hats, and medals that you aren’t sure → Read More

Quiz review — a drama about a coughing major at a time of a major cough

Quiz(ITV)Killing Eve(BBC One)Devs(BBC Two)‘All professions,” the playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote, “are conspiracies against the laity.” It’s certainly true of the people who devise television → Read More

Apocalypse How? by Oliver Letwin review — it’s a complete disaster! And that’s just the book

A colleague of mine once argued that all opinion columns are either obvious or deranged. It has bothered me ever since, because I think it’s probably true. Congratulations, at any rate, to the eminent → Read More

Remoaners, rise up. We’re the fruitcakes now

“Who,” chortled Nigel Farage at the weekend, “are the fruitcakes and loonies now?” With the answer, I’m afraid, being sadly obvious. Still him. Wait! No! Wrong. Not him. Me.It was David Cameron → Read More

The Cameron Years review — his poshness is in another league

The Cameron YearsBBC One The Cameron InterviewITV Defending the GuiltyBBC iPlayer The strange thing about the two shows about David Cameron this week — BBC One’s The Cameron Years and ITV’s... → Read More