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Recent articles by James:

After the wildest primary night of the midterms, a few key takeaways

Tuesday’s primary election in five states could ultimately go down as the most important this year. But one thing is certain: It has to go down as the wildest. → Read More

After a weekend of gun violence, here is where the gun control debate stands

Gun control is going nowhere in Congress. But some efforts are being made by the Biden administration and at the state level. And a third player, the US Supreme Court, will have a major impact. → Read More

New book says Trump feared Elizabeth Warren as an opponent more than Biden

The book includes a number of mentions of New England politicians as it portrays a turbulent time marked by intense political division and the COVID-19 pandemic. → Read More

If Roe goes, so will the filibuster. But it won’t be today — and it won’t be the Democrats

Democrats on the national level have a clear path forward, but it’s one they won’t take. It’s possible Republicans will when they get a chance. → Read More

Why Joe Biden hasn’t canceled student debt yet — and why he won’t go big if he does

Giving away free money to people who borrowed for their education might seem like a no-brainer. But it’s not that simple. → Read More

Immigration has become a wedge issue among Democrats

President Biden wants to drop a Trump-era border policy, but not all Democrats are on board. → Read More

3 reasons why Elon Musk buying Twitter won’t impact American politics in a dramatic way

All the fuss about what Musk’s ownership could be like and how it could dramatically alter the nature of American politics is overblown. Here are three reasons why. → Read More

In N.H. Senate race, a swirl of activity and a lack of clarity

A lot of national attention is being focused on the New Hampshire US Senate race and rightly so. → Read More

Yes, Republicans are now at war with Disney. Here is why the latest culture war may backfire on the GOP.

What began months ago as just another salvo in the culture wars suddenly became about threatening a major part of the Florida economy, in a major political gamble by Republicans. → Read More

There is only one reason why Biden is visiting N.H. today

Wouldn’t some good old-fashioned campaigning around the country be a good idea right about now? → Read More

Biden’s challenge: getting his mojo back with younger voters

The oldest elected president in American history has seen a steep drop in approval from younger voters. Can he get them back? → Read More

Is the DNC about to scrap the NH primary? Here’s what might happen

The Democratic party has decided that every state can apply and argue that they should be one of those that hold early primaries. → Read More

COVID-19 politics appear to be over. And it’s hard to see how they come back — even if the virus does.

With COVID levels low and exhaustion high among the American public, COVID-19 is fading into the background in both life and politics. → Read More

Obama returns to the White House after 5 tumultuous years. Here is what is the same.

A lot has happened in the five years since he left, but some things remain the same. → Read More

Biden just gave Democrats a potential self-imposed quandary that could haunt them over the midterms

Democrats were already staring into a deeply rough midterm election in six months. Then the Biden Administration decided to make a move that could result in huge negative political consequences it isn’t prepared to handle. → Read More

All three branches of government are now embroiled in Jan. 6, and other things we learned in recent days

Amid all of the news about Ukraine, the NCAA basketball tournament, and even the Oscars, legitimate big news involving the congressional Jan. 6 commission may have gone into the background. → Read More

Exactly why gas prices are so high is murky. Why Democrats are freaking out over prices is pretty clear.

Democrats around the country are calling for the gas tax to be suspended as prices soar and the November elections get closer. → Read More

Zelensky’s speech is a new precedent for a modern address to Congress from a leader in war time

Here are some quick notes from the speech that will likely drive much of American politics on Wednesday. → Read More

As Washington tries to deescalate a war, Republican state houses escalate the culture war

Republicans have been severely amping up the culture wars in state houses they dominate. → Read More

With spiking gas prices, Biden faces the biggest persuasion test of his presidency

If this is all about standing with Ukraine, Americans right now might be willing to sacrifice more at the pump. → Read More