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Past articles by Ralph:

George H.W. Bush

While Houston's largest airport, as well as a park and an area high school have been named after him, residents say Bush solidified his place in their hearts through his humility and easygoing nature. → Read More

Fake bomber lets Donald Trump off Saudi murder-mess hook for now, but then what?

The national furor over all those fake bombs sent to prominent Democrats has President Trump off the U.S.-Saudi relations hook for a while. → Read More

Mohammed Bin Salman

To think otherwise is to say he's not who he says he is and that he doesn't have the power he says he has and that everyone else in the kingdom who values his own life seems to agree he has. Saudi officials - after weeks of denials - now concede that he died, but they say it happened accidentally in a fight at the consulate. → Read More

Adel al-Jubeir, collaterally damaged Saudi foreign minister, deserves a moment of pity

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir can — make that “should” — no longer keep his job after what he told Fox News anchor Bret Baier. → Read More

The Kingdom of the Absurd boxes in the American president

The Saudi royals are claiming Jamal Khashoggi died as a result of a fist fight in the Saudi consulate 18 days ago. This is over-the-top absurd. → Read More

Newt Gingrich can represent Trump foreign policy at U.N. like nobody else

With the formidable Nikki Haley preparing to slip the bonds of midtown Manhattan by year's end, it's time to imagine Newt Gingrich as America's next UN ambassador. → Read More

Nabbing this Chinese spy makes Donald Trump's America closer to great again

In what might rightly be seen as a gigantic feather in President Trump’s MAGA cap, the U.S. will bring to trial a Chinese government intelligence agent accused of trying to steal trade secrets from American aviation firms. → Read More

Justice Kavanaugh -- Trump made it happen as Graham and Collins became unlikely heroes

President Trump is now the undisputed winner in the national “Wouldn’t You Rather Not Drive This Ford” contest. → Read More

Lindsey Graham to Donald Trump: Make Nov. 6 about Brett Kavanaugh's honor

Sen. Lindsey Graham's brilliance is on display again. He says President Trump can make the November congressional elections about restoring Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's good name if the Senate, with its 51-49 Republican majority, fails to confirm his Supreme Court nomination by one vote. → Read More

What Donald Trump and Serena Williams have in common

You can understand why President Trump may sometimes feel that hostile extraterrestrials already have landed and taken over all but one major TV network and much of what we used to call the “print” media. → Read More

Brett Kavanaugh hearings can be salvaged by Donald Trump tweets

President Trump, if your consternation at Tuesday’s Senate spectacle needs further expression, you might tweet a thank you to Sen. Mike Lee, Utah Republican, and a Bronx cheer to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Democrat. → Read More

Why John McCain lies in state at the rotunda

John McCain was no saint. He didn’t have to be in order to have, upon his passing this week, his body lie in state, first at the Arizona capitol’s rotunda and then at the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. → Read More

The 'uh oh' embedded in Ron DeSantis' Florida win

Uh oh. Republicans who think the nomination for Florida governor of Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee’s leftist black mayor, was suicide for Democrats should think again. → Read More

John Brennan and his security clearance finally get put on clearance rack

Sorry it took you so long, Mr. President, but that you finally got around to yanking the security clearance of ex-Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan is music to the ears of millions of Americans long fed up with his disgracing of U.S. intelligence and of the nation. → Read More

Jake Tapper's Trump-trashing medium for (mis)informing America

CNN did its part Sunday to illustrate the ever-worsening information crisis in America' mass media, so much of which misinforms America's masses. → Read More

Donald Trump can rein in Kim Jong-un by kicking China's Xi Jinping where it hurts

President Trump, fists cocked, landed Tuesday at the NATO summit in Brussels with an America-First determination the likes of which allies from German's Angela Merkel to Britain's Theresa May and U.S. foes such as China's Xi Jinping have never experienced -- or expected -- from a U.S. leader. → Read More

Our patriotic songs display America's difference from Britain

Looking for another point of pride on our nation’s 242nd birthday? Well, unlike the patriotic compositions of our mother country Great Britain, our paeans to our native or adoptive land do not presume a haughty superiority over other peoples and lands. → Read More

Donald Trump's Supreme Court appointment can burnish legacy

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement gives President Trump an opportunity to guarantee his legacy as the first Republican president to get it right for conservatives when filling Supreme Court openings. → Read More

The deal is what Donald Trump does

If the always eloquent President John F. Kennedy, a suave and mannered Democrat, was around today and said what you're about to read, I suspect the distinguished members of our Fourth Estate would ask not what they could do for his words. The press would ask how it could quote his words more often every hour of every day. → Read More

Charles Krauthammer, classic and classy neoconservative intellectual, leaves with no regrets

Charles Krauthammer jolted us on Friday with the news that it’s only a matter of weeks before the cancer he has battled since last summer takes him from us. It will leave us bereft of the one of best approximations of an uomo universale America has had in many years. → Read More