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Past articles by John:

This type of behavior is a dead giveaway you have a toxic boss

We’ve all had to deal with a particularly difficult or harsh manager at some point. No matter what you say it’s the wrong answer, and even moments of great success come and go with no words of congratulation or support to be found. In more extreme scenarios abusive or toxic managers have been known to berate and belittle their employees and or commit egregious violations of privacy. A new study… → Read More

Heading back to your office? Prepare for rudeness, study warns

Researchers report that employees who experience or witness incivility or rudeness in the workplace are more likely to then be rude to someone else. → Read More

Enough already with the mindfulness!

A new study from the University at Buffalo has indeed uncovered a potential drawback associated with practicing mindfulness - at least for certain people. → Read More

The word trick people use to manipulate you without actually lying

Researchers tackled the subject of “doublespeak” of the persuasive approach of using more appealing euphemisms to sway or mislead others’ opinions. → Read More

This study just found an incredible new health benefit associated with coffee

Researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute just released a new set of research concluding that daily consumption of a “few cups of coffee” is associated with improved health outcomes among metastatic colorectal cancer patients. → Read More

This simple, kind habit boosts attractiveness

KIndness goes a long way with others — even when it comes to finding others attractive. This simple, kind habit will boost your appeal. → Read More

A financial issue from your 20's is why you can't find a job

According to a new study from The University of Texas at Arlington, this financial issue from your early 20's is why you can't find a job now. → Read More

Adopting this mindset will help you stay active well into old age

A new study from Penn State has a suggestion for everyone out there who feels like their body just hurts too much to get up off the couch. → Read More

Oxford researchers discovered the part of your commute that is causing weight gain

Surprisingly, a new study finds that prolonged exposure to traffic noise actually does carry a pretty significant potential health complication. → Read More

Walking in this style has more health benefits than a casual stroll

The research team at OSU says that walking with a purpose appears to almost always be more beneficial than walking around aimlessly or casually. → Read More

The science behind why smiling can literally make you happier

A new study conducted at the University of South Australia is offering up some legitimate evidence that smiling amid a bad mood can trick the mind into feeling more positive. → Read More

Harvard team just made startling discovery about the brain power behind glimpses

According to a new study just conducted by researchers at Yale University and Harvard University, this remarkable ability shows just how much insight the brain can gain from just looking at another person’s eyes. → Read More

People who do this more often are better equipped to handle stress

A new study from the University of Basel in Switzerland shows that people who do this one thing are better equipped to handle stress. → Read More

This super trendy cosmetic procedure can also help treat depression

Cosmetic procedures and mental health don’t exactly go hand in hand most of the time, but doctors have noticed a possible link between Botox and depression for quite some time. → Read More

Effective mentorship doesn’t have to be about seniority

A new study from The University of Colorado finds that effective mentorship doesn't have to be about seniority. Read more, here. → Read More

Eating this candy can add years to your life, according to science

A new study finds that chocolate helps keep the heart's blood vessels healthy, says Dr. Chayakrit Krittanawong of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, in a press release. → Read More

The weird thing hiring managers are really looking at during tech job interviews

Software engineering has quickly emerged as one of the hottest and most in-demand job skills over the past decade or so. A skilled software engineer can be invaluable to a company of any size. From emerging startups to established industry leaders, everyone needs a good software engineer (or a team of them) in 2020. Such positions also offer attractive and lucrative starting salaries. Of course,… → Read More

Risk takers often prefer this type of beer, according to research

According to a new study from Penn State, researchers discovered that people who like to take risks and seek out new experiences, and perceive bitter tastes strongly, are very likely to prefer bitter, pale-ale style beers. → Read More

This is what happens when food touches your tongue

What happens when food touches your tongue? A new study from Ohio State University explains exactly what happens and why, here. → Read More

Economists find positive thinking may not make you rich but this logic could

Researchers from the University of Bath and the London School of Economics and Political Science found that realists usually attain more long-term wellbeing than optimists. → Read More